Leaking Roof Under Fascia

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Posted by: from Burlington
5/10/2013 at 7:40:04 PM

I built a roof over the front porch to protect it from the rain. (see photos)

It's tied in to the existing roof line, pitched about 3 Inches back to front...over about 5 feet. (It was the most I could really pitch it without creating a mountain of extra work). We then installed Ice and water from under the first row of old shingles, across the entire new roof, and down over the leading edge. I then installed shingles, fascia, then put drip edge over it all, then attached the trough to the facia. Then I ran all the soffit.

The problem is that I'm getting water leaking heavily through the under side of the facia. I hope there might be a solution that I'm not thinking about...I'm a local interior renovations contractor, and am usually very good at trouble shooting, but humble enough to ask for help. I feel as though the lip of the drip edge is causing water to back up due to the low pitch, thus creating a soaked ice and water, which is dripping under the fascia.

If I put an extra layer of ice and water over the drip edge would that help...or eliminate the drip edge all together?? I'm very confused and have a very frustrated client. Any suggestions?

One roofer told me this would solve the problem, another told me to take it all apart, pitch it steeper, so the water can run faster over the shingles...this really isn't an option.

Thanks everyone.

leaking roof under fascia
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Clayton from Gable to Gable in Sherwood Park
Date/Time5/10/2013 at 9:13:37 PM

I would sugest you look back at your aplication process. Any material put on a roof or siding needs to start at the bottom and work its way up the roof, so it is posible if the aplication started at the top that water will seep through the lip and onto the bare plywood.

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Yuri from AIMG Inc in Richmond Hill
Date/Time5/10/2013 at 9:30:33 PM


The way you described it you put drip edge on top of shingles. Drip edge should cover fascia, and shingles should go on top of drip edge.

You may also get water in on top of the soffit and it runs out from under the fascia.

Pictures from top of the roof would be helpful.



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Ryan in Burlington
Date/Time5/10/2013 at 9:59:44 PM

Sorry...shingles are over everything. Should have clarified.

I have pulled the face off the project. The ice and water protection was soaking wet, the 2x6 face was wet. It appears as though the water was sitting just behind the drip edge and pooling, then finding it's way down behind the facia.

There is also no water hitting the soffit at all.

**ON a side note, the original roof (about 15 feet up from where we were working) is now leaking.

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Date/Time5/10/2013 at 10:36:08 PM

Hi Ryan,

I am not a roofer but have done a bit of shingling and checking into specs. You are trying to treat a flat roof like a slope roof and it will never work. The minimum recommended slope for shingle warranties is 3 : 12 (I think) and yours is so low - .05 : 12 - that it has no chance. The drip edge is acting like a dam. It also looks like you have 2 adjacent roofs draining onto your flat roof - the water is probably just going right under the shingles.Get a roofer in that specializes in flat roofs and see if he can give you something that wont clash with your existing and then see if you can upgrade the troughs and downspouts.

If the new leak is 15 feet away from where you were working it is probably a separate issue.

The roofer that told you to re structure for more slope is probably right. You may be chasing this for quite a while if you don`t just bite the bullet and do it.

Good Luck with it!

Jim Kuzma

Kettleby Handyman Services.

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Date/Time5/11/2013 at 1:43:53 AM


Read your scope of work and seen the pics. Looking at your roof even from the pics, that should have torch on roofing. This will water proof it and have a proper roofer to come in and create the proper valley for proper drain and also have your gutter installers and roofer creat proper flow for rain storm water.

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Ryan in Burlington
Date/Time5/11/2013 at 7:50:25 AM

So it looks like a torch on is the way to go...

I really did believe there would be a more reasonable fix, but I need to get this working.

Anyone know what a fair price for 38 sq feet of torch on is worth??

Thanks everyone!

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