Prep, Repaint Old Windows

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Posted by: from Clairmont
6/4/2012 at 4:19:22 PM

Roughly, about how much should I expect to pay to have seven average size windows plus one door (frames and sills) scraped and sanded, primed and repainted?

I'm located in mid-northern Alberta.

Thank you

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Date/Time6/4/2012 at 8:50:26 PM

It really depends on the condition of the windows, and who you hire. To prep and paint wood windows properly takes time. Expect $1400 - $2500 for a good job.

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Date/Time6/4/2012 at 9:09:37 PM

1200. To 1500.00

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Date/Time6/5/2012 at 7:50:08 AM

The supply will be low cost gallon of primer and gallon of finish.

Both need to be exterior. The primer i like for exterior is called (freshstart) you can buy at benjamin moore. Scrape and sand let dry,make sure wood is dried out. Cost should be no more then 2 gallons of paint the quote should be for a complete prime and finish.

The Cost should be no more then 400.00.

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Date/Time6/5/2012 at 11:00:27 AM

Depends on the amount of scraping and sanding and the location of windows ( high, ground level ? ) To prime and paint: between 700 and 1000.

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Date/Time6/9/2012 at 12:41:01 PM

I agree with James here, you pay for quality.

Expect about $1200 to $2400 depending on whether your job is contracted to a handyman or company, as well as their experience and quality of workmanship.

Other factors also need to be considered, as listed by other above.

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Date/Time6/14/2012 at 12:15:27 AM

I agree with several of the other tradesmen, this would totally depend on how much prep and scraping work there is as well as where the windows are located in accessibility height wise.

As for supplies it will probably be 1-2 gallons of each primer and paint. That too depends on the type of windows if they are single picture style windows or if they are old style little windows with lots of sections, more wood to prep and paint.

I think the bulk of your pricing will probably be in the labor for this particular job. Hazarding a guess with not quite enough information between $1500 - $2500

Good Luck with your project.

Thank you,

Sherri & Dustin Depatie

Seamless Finishing Inc.

Office : 780-760-3852

Sherri : 780-297-0986

Dustin : 780-885-2231

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David in Clairmont
Date/Time6/14/2012 at 10:18:42 AM

Just want to thank you all who responded.

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