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Painting Contractors in Woodbridge

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rating 5 from 11 reviews 647-838-7795 View Profile

Description: The key to a good exterior paint job is power washing all surfaces prier to painting. We have all the ladders needed for your exterior projects.... more

Main Services Offered:
Painting, Tiling, Flooring
rating 5 from 16 reviews 647-407-1077 View Profile

Description: JVRenovation - Women Painting & Decorating This is Joe Viveiros from JVRenovation, Deborah and Rafaela from Women Painting & Decorating. We are a family business providing 10 years quality expe... more

rating 5 from 2 reviews 647-459-4850 View Profile

Description: I provide interior painting services for residential and commercial clients. Whether your project is one room in your home or an entire house, my goal is to deliver the highest quality service at ... more

Main Services Offered:
Painting, Wallpapering, Handyman Services
rating 5 from 6 reviews 416-606-4662 View Profile

Description: Ann Teddy, BscN - nursing Owner and Director of Help U Paint. Canada's first ever "Inter-active" painting company. Helps the customers save money and speeds up the painting proces... more

Main Services Offered:
rating 4.6 from 3 reviews 416-889-7287 View Profile

Description: Contemporary Faux Finishes, Painting & Interior Design Services Blue Design specializes in a wide variety of old-world and contemporary decor. Ceilings, floors and walls can all be stylized w... more

Main Services Offered:
rating 4.9 from 6 reviews 416-953-0475 View Profile

Description: Attree Home Services is a relatively new company. Owned and Operated by Paul Attree, with over 30 years of maintenance and repair experience. Over 20 years of successful home repair and maintena... more

rating 4.9 from 5 reviews 647-922-6333 View Profile

Description: We specialize in painting; able to complete large areas (over 10 000 sq ft) of commercial & residential spaces in a matter of days. In 2013 alone we completed the full painting of over 100 tow... more

Main Services Offered:
Painting, Flooring, Electrical
rating 4.3 from 2 reviews 416-846-0255 View Profile

Description: Our Painting/Home improvement with 11 years experience in high quality, reliable and professional services. Our service is supervised and insured (WSIB, liability) and our only obj... more

Main Services Offered:
Painting, Drywalling, Tiling
289-339-9090 View Profile

Description: Elite Trade Painting has been offering quality painting services to the residents of Mississauga since 2008. Contact us today to experience Elite service with Elite results.

Main Services Offered:
rating 4.9 from 2 reviews 416-565-9340 View Profile

Description: Professional and very high quality work in home renovation, basement, kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Licensed and insured. References available.

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