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Choosing to design-build your next home means that the builder or firm you work with to build your home is also responsible for the architectural design and approval of your home in addition to the construction.

In the traditional design-bid-build model you went to an architectural firm to have your home plans drawn up and then shopped the plans to builders willing to bid on the project. The design-build delivery model combines the architectural planning and approvals as well as the building responsibility into one entity simplifying things for the future owner of the home.

Why would I want to do a design-build?

A design-build has several key advantages over a design-bid-build or just buying a spec home that has been built in the hopes somebody will like it and buy it. With a spec home you only have limited input into architectural features; they are building the house to their plan.

In a design-bid-build there is no single point of accountability. If one wall is too short, it could be the architect's mistake, the framer's mistake, or a problem with the foundation. In a design-build home if there is a problem, you talk to your builder; he/she is your point of contact and accountability.

Advantages of a design-build

  • Single point of contact, increased accountability for builder/company
  • Cost savings due to one company designing and building, less labor trying to understand plans or figure out drawings.
  • Time is saved with one firm handles the plans, permitting, and work scheduling
  • Flexibility to make changes while in process
  • Improved quality as quality design-builders have quality sub contractors, usually regulars
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