How much would my attic renovation cost?

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Posted by: from Brampton
4/22/2024 at 1:21:36 AM


I am looking to renovate my attic and was wondering how much it would cost. Currently, there is no work that was done on it so it needs flooring and structure work.

Some information about my attic:

- total space is 20 by 20 ft - 4-6 ft space in the middle and 8 ft high and the rest will slope down

- framing and structure work is needed

- looking to add two skylights if possible

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Date/Time4/22/2024 at 4:12:44 PM

Hello and thank you for your inquiry. My name is Nic and I just wanted to give you an update. I recently did the same thing in Rental Homes I own. I built the space over my garage unheated space. . I am lucky because the house is a Cape Cod style so the roof area is a 12/12 pitch so, I had to engineered trusses for the floor and the roof trusses had to be custom made by myself but had them designed and engineered further reinforced as per the engineering report. This took quite a bit of work and then when I created the open space which is now spectacular my area is 12 feet high finish 34 feet long and 16 feet wide so it's one big open great room. I insulated all the walls with our 60 and also put in trusses for the floor and insulated the space between the garage and the trusses with our insulation.

In regards to your home some of the things you're gonna have to look at is the Additional cost to Hall materials in that's going to be the one thing that will be costly unless you're putting a window in if that's the case then you can open up that area and use that as a pass-through for materials especially when it comes to drywall that's one thing that you'll have a big huge issue with

The problem with this is that it's hard to give you an idea on price because we need to know how Your electrical layout is in your house because power will have to be brought up into that area . Further, do you have enough space in your electrical panel to accommodate the additional circuits required for the attic access area? , is your electrical panel large enough to accommodate that?,

Next, you have to look at your plumbing if you're gonna want to have a bathroom up in that area again plumbing to bring up there will be a bit on the expense side and then thirdly you will have to look at the insulation of this space area. Do you have space between the area that you can insulate the roof well and do you have the depth to put proper insulation in the ceiling also on the floor is the floor over the garage if it is then you'll need to do super insulate that area and I would suggest that you go with that insulation not blown in As I find that once it settles, you lose some of the density. And that's only my opinion.

Some things that you need to give some thought to.

Do you will have to have safe egress in the event of fire.

Is the stairway up to the space or is it on the second floor and do not have stairs the reason why I ask is that do you want that area to be open or is there going to be a wall on both sides of the stairs? is there a door at the top or bottom of the stairway.

Now you're asking for some skylights do you want open skylights or do you want fix skylights huge difference and price if you go with a skylight you're probably looking at around $500-$1000 per skylight. These are good quality lights that are super insulated so that you don't have moisture dripping when it's cold outside and warm inside, trust me I've had This issue before in the past in another home that I put skylights in I had to put buckets or poly down on the floor when we didn't use the space because you get that constant moisture drip onto the hardwood not a issue but something to consider

Now comes a tough part price. If you go for a fixed price contract, you're probably gonna be a little bit on the high side because of the unknown bringing the materials in and out as she did not specify access to this

If you go with the cost, plus this might be a good option for you because you get to control what you're spending how you're spending and typical contractors would probably do a cost plus at minimum 15% to 20% above all material costs and labour cost

You're probably gonna be looking at around $125-$150 a square foot and this is just a budget number as this number could be adjusted dramatically. I would budget between $30,000 to $50,000. They will always be some savings as you move forward doing the design of the work in the construction. Sometimes you might even do some sweat equity yourself that would save you the cost of labour.

I truly hope that this helps you and if you want additional information, feel free to get back to me. If you can give me some additional information I might be able to give you a better idea on pricing.

PS: I can give you some additional information in regards to what I did to the flank walls and that's the walls that are 4 feet high by whatever width as I've done some pretty unique things with that area in my own home

How much would my attic renovation cost?

How much would my attic renovation cost?
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Date/Time4/22/2024 at 4:45:14 PM

You need a permit for this. The few I have done ran about $35,000 total.

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