What can be done if contractor has enough money to continue the job but chooses not to?

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Posted by: from Ajax
4/2/2024 at 3:34:32 AM

I have a contract with my contractor. The full job is 800k. I have given him 600k and when I go down the list of things on his quote he's only completed 470k worth of items. He's asking for more money cause he said he's done 600k worth of work. Which is impossible. It's been multiple weeks since I told him I'm not giving him more money till he does a little more work. and he hasn't responded to my emails or calls. What should my next steps be?

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Daniel from Heracon Homes Inc in TORONTO
Date/Time4/2/2024 at 12:03:23 PM

Can you prove that he has only done 470k worth of work somehow and not 600k?

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Marcelino from Handy Marcy in Brampton
Date/Time4/2/2024 at 2:42:19 PM

This is very big project, if you no longer trust your contractor you have to be ready with more delays and big headache.

Please talk and work with your contractor professionally.

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Date/Time4/3/2024 at 1:09:46 AM

It sounds like you're in a difficult situation with your contractor. Here are some steps you can consider taking:

Review the Contract: Take a careful look at the terms of your contract with the contractor. Pay close attention to any provisions regarding payment schedules, completion deadlines, and dispute resolution procedures.

Document Everything: Make sure you have thorough documentation of the work that has been completed so far, including any communications, emails, and photographs. This will be crucial if you need to escalate the situation.

Send a Formal Letter: Consider sending a formal letter to the contractor outlining your concerns and requesting a meeting to discuss the outstanding work and payment issues. Be clear about the discrepancies between the work completed and the amount paid.

It's essential to approach the situation calmly and professionally while also protecting your interests and rights as outlined in the contract.

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Jeffrey in Paris
Date/Time4/4/2024 at 9:40:30 PM

Have you considered that he's paying for fuel and his employees that help him on this project? Hence why he needs more money let alone the materials paid for out of the 600k and you're saying you can only account for 470k. It's not like the contractor is asking for more than the already agreed upon price for the full project. If that's the case then I would start making posts like this; always thoroughly talk to your contractors instead of assuming everyone is out to rip you off

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