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Need New Porches

Jessica Orzechowski
9/15/2009 at 4:30:31 PM

I need both my front and back porches redone. The previous owner did some DIY, and now both are slanting quite a bit. I called one company who I really like but need some suggestions so that I can compare quotes. Any recommendations?


9/15/2009 at 4:34:43 PM

Oh, I should have mentioned I'm in Montreal.

3/10/2011 at 4:18:56 PM

HI Jessica.

It would be best to post your project on the site and provide as much information as possible such as type of material, height off the ground, deminsions, etc. along with pictures particularly if it will be attached to the house. I would also suggest that once you narrowed the field down, it is important to invite them for a site visit. In your request for estimates, ask for as much detail as possible as to how the ledger board will be attached to house, depth of post holes, etc etc. For example, ledger boards should have an air space between it and the house, as well as flashing and the bolts should lag into added backing not just the brick or siding Good, reputable and honest contractors/deck builders who do good work will be happy to explain their building practices. You should also spend some time educating yourself as to best building practices.

Good luck.

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Glenn Rosborough