Is this roof done properly?

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Posted by: from Toronto
2/14/2019 at 2:01:52 PM

My roof (which was replaced when the previous owners had the house) has lost shingles twice in the past 12 months during a windstorm.

I've had three different people (the home inspector, 2 contractors) tell me the roof is fine and I was just unlucky.

This most recent roofer took these photos and says that the shingles were not properly put on. That they should have been cut to fit properly, but are instead overlapping.

My question is - is that the case? Do the shingles look like they are not on properly?


Is this roof done properly?
Is this roof done properly?
Is this roof done properly?
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Date/Time2/14/2019 at 7:19:38 PM

Yes , it isn't done properly

These shingles aren't meant to overlap horizontally.

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Date/Time2/14/2019 at 7:44:24 PM

This roof is void due to overlaps.

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Date/Time2/15/2019 at 12:01:16 AM

Agree with the others. These are 'architectural' shingles which are applied in a random fashion only requiring minimum offsets for each succeeding course.

I once hired a roofer and noticed he wasn't following the manufacturers instructions regarding the offsets. It's hard to tell from your photos whether the offsets have been provided in your case (something to check more closely) however they are definitely not intended to overlap horizontally. In my case I was told by a professional (ARCA certified) roofing inspector that the manufacturers recommended offsets can be reduced if there's a layer of roofing felt under the whole roof.

Any manufacturers warranty would be void if shingles are incorrectly installed.

The incorrect installation is not necessary the cause of them coming off in a wind storm. If the home is in an exposed location sometimes it's necessary to tab the shingles or select a more resilient product.

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Belinda in Toronto
Date/Time2/15/2019 at 7:58:51 AM

Thanks so much for the replies.

My next question - does this compromise the integrity of the roof? Is it more likely to leak? (We live in an area where it rains/snows a lot).

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Date/Time2/15/2019 at 8:40:05 AM

From these images it's difficult to tell if it's serious enough to compromise the integrity of the roof.

The roof should be OK if there's a full layer of roofing felt underneath as it affords a little extra protection which goes beyond Code and manufacturers requirements.

Now whenever I am roofing I install felt progressively with each layer of overlapping the shingles in order to expel moisture that might reach it.

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Date/Time2/15/2019 at 8:44:24 AM

I must agree with others. This is a very poor shingle job. Your shingle warranty is void because of this installation. If you have only purchased this home in the last 6 years, You can go back on the previous owner

and have them pay for it. Do your homework

first however. I must get verification on paper and photos from the manufacturer that the warranty is void because of a very poor installation. This was obviously not disclosed in your agreement that you signed when you bought the house.

Good Luck

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Date/Time2/15/2019 at 9:44:30 AM

Would tend to agree with others here as well. Lets hope theres felt or ice and water up your gable rakes as well for added protection. It always my standard especially on low slope roofs. Not sure your pitch of roof might be a 5 or 6 but still I wouldn't install those shingles that way. I would cut to fit at last shingle at rake. Have them come back and fix. Hope you had a licensed and insured roofing contractor that provides a warranty.



SteveBuilt Inc.

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Belinda in Toronto
Date/Time2/15/2019 at 10:00:05 AM

Thanks everyone.

In response to Steven - the "roofer" the previous owners hired isn't dependable. He won't honour his "warranty" and quite frankly, I don't want him on my roof again. He strikes me as just some guy with a truck.

I think if I do anything, I'm going to have to hire my own reputable company and redo the roof.

Tim - is this something that the previous owners would be liable for? I did have a home inspector go up and look at the roof prior to purchasing. And he noted in his report the roof was serviceable and didn't point out any problems with installation.

I'm just very irked because I've had two other roofers go up there before and they've never noticed the installation screw-up. I don't understand how some people have been OK with it, while others have pointed out the blatant errors.

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