Rough cost of extending the size of an enclosed porch. Thoughts on add-ons for budgets?

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Posted by: from Chatham
2/8/2017 at 9:07:31 PM

Currently, we have an enclosed porch/room at the back of our house. It is approximately 4 x 10 feet in size, with a solid foundation, good roof, okay insulation and it has a light fixture (so yes, hydro from the house), and is where our electrical panel and dryer is located.

It's a nice little room, and we do go in and out using that door often, so would ideally just like to extend it out a bit to get more space that we're in a lot of need of, hopefully so it would average closer to a 10 x 10 in size. It's 10 lengthwise currently, so it just have to be knocked out about another 6 feet or so to make it a more reasonable size.

I'm just wondering if anyone has any thoughts/ideas on how to go about it? I have also been looking at add-ons, which seem to be more budget friendly as foundations eat up a lot of the budget from what I've read, but not sure on what other people think of them (or have experience with them?). And everything I have read has been about building from scratch, but not sure if anything differs since half of the room is already there!

I am not handy by any means, so past painting and my dad offering to put down a vinyl floor for me, Does anybody have any advice or possible quotes? I'm starting from scratch with an idea so any help is appreciated!


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Date/Time2/9/2017 at 1:29:30 AM

So first off - the existing room you have is of no real relevance to the proposed addition - granted the access (door ) and electrical are n place and will save some of the cost.

The dilemma is that the existing room regardless of the quality of its foundation is of no real use to the new project and therefore an additional demolition consideration.

From the sounds of it - this would need to be completely removed to facilitate a new addition.

As far as pricing goes - this can vary significantly based on style and selections - but typically we'd look at the following budgets.

Demolition 2k

Foundation 8k

Framing 4K

Electrical 1k


Insulation 2k

Drywall 3k

Paint 1k

Flooring 1k

Millwork 1k

Roofing 3k

Siding 2k

As you can see it would be easy to spend over 30k on a project like this.

My guess is if your diligent you could get away with almost 20k depending on what's included and how you go about it.

Hope this helps with your evaluation.

Good luck!

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