Downspout Disconnect

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Posted by: from Scarborough
10/12/2011 at 1:46:57 PM

I am disconnecting my downspout from the sewer. It has been suggested

that I connect the downspout to a pipe in the ground so that water empties in the

middle of my lawn underground. Does this make sense?

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Date/Time10/12/2011 at 2:32:58 PM

It makes sense but is alot of work. Why don't you just direct the flow out towards the centre of the lawn, on the surface. Make sure you have an elbow and a long piece of down spout pipe to get the water away from the building and out onto the surface of the lawn. Be sure and fasten all joints with fasteners. So many people just push the elbows onto the pipe and walk away. The elbow falls off and eater from the downspout pours down the side of the foundation causing issues inside the house.

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Date/Time10/12/2011 at 11:53:32 PM

Quite simply: NO! lol

If you do that, there will be nowhere for the water to go once it hits the end of the pipe. It is like the pipe is blocked (actually, it will be) and the water will back up and cause you more problems. The only time this method would work would be if the end of the pipe opened onto a lower area (say a ditch or the like) and the water had somewhere to go.

It is much better to have the water discharge onto the surface of the ground a minimum of six feet from the house and flowing away.

I hope this helps.

Brett Barager, MSW, CHI

Lone-Wolf Contracting

(A Division of Lone-Wolf Enterprises)


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Viktor from Plumber Master in Mississauga
Date/Time12/31/2011 at 6:53:32 PM

It is most safe to let water out on top of the grass by moving the pipe 6-9 feet away from the house. Pipe to be sloped and terminate above the ground being not obstructed at the end.

If water going in the pipe underground and pipe is close to the surface, then water may freeze in it, unless pipe is properly sloped and supported all the way.

Also where this pipe will end at the middle of the lawn? If this is a dead end underground, then pipe will quickly fill up with water and oferflow. If pipe comes out above the ground, make sure it is at least one foot above ground at the end, so it will not be obstructed by snow or mud, plants etc.

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