Cost per foot to install baseboard, caulked and painted with and without shoe mould

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Posted by: from Toronto
1/15/2019 at 3:27:35 PM

What is the cost per foot?

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Gerard from Betterbuilt in Burlington
Date/Time1/15/2019 at 6:08:01 PM

Hi there....

If you supply the materials, labour to install baseboard should be around $1.00 per linear foot.

Cove moulding around $0.50 per linear foot.

If you buy primed material, the cost to caulk and paint should be around $100.00 per room and the baseboard should be pre-painted before installing.

Hope this helps.


Gerard Schoeman

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Date/Time1/15/2019 at 11:14:17 PM

Hi Matt,

I run a Flooring and Renovations business in Greater Vancouver. I honestly wouldn't be getting your hopes up on the info buddy gave you at a $1.00/ foot caulked and painted. He is in dream Land. I would hire him and pay him that all day long no problem.

The reality is if you don't want them to look like not only you did em yourself but as fast as a professional carpenter. Then without the shoe moulding it's gonna be about $4/foot caulked with 2 coats of semi gloss white.

Now if you pre-paint the boards, buy the stock/paint and do the touching up of the nail holes at the end you'd be looking at $2.50

Shoe moulding as well add $1.25 same deal you supply materials and paint.

$3.75 if you are willing to get you hands dirty. Run away from anyone like that first guy. You will regret it

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Oscar from Duarte Tile in Hamilton
Date/Time1/15/2019 at 11:17:52 PM

Hi there,

Low price with shoe molding 1.75 and high price 4.00.

Depends of working area, rooms, sqft, etc.

Prices will be different according the installers.

Hope it helped


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Date/Time1/16/2019 at 8:33:14 AM

Hi Matt

There is no magical cost per ft. for baseboard. Only in a large new sub division

where all the homes are similar and the baseboards are approx. the same size. Baseboards can range from 2 1/2" to 16" in

height, it's the Carpenter's job to ready the baseboard for final painting. Fill all the nail holes ( unfortunately lots of Carpenters

have now become lazy and left this task with the painter and very often does not get done at all) Butt joints in wider bases must be glued ( as over time this joint will open up )

Then caulk all around. now your base is ready for it's final paint. Get three Estimates on paper 9 more detail the better. Than you will have three different ideas . Then you can

make a wise choice.

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