Small 100 Square foot main floor addition

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Posted by: from Kitchener
3/2/2014 at 4:36:28 PM

I have a 2nd baby coming soon.

I have a thousand square foot bungalow in Kitchener. 3 Bedrooms on main floor, but the middle one has a sliding door to the deck. I want to add a small 100 square foot addition to the middle room to make it a complete master bedroom.

I'm hoping we can build on top of the deck. No plumbing or heating (the register is in front of the sliding door and I may put in a fireplace.)

Electrical extended for 1-2 plugs. A door off the side to the remainder of deck. Carpet and windows on each wall. Siding on exterior.

Can anyone give me a rough idea on budget? I'm just tossing around this vs. moving.


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Date/Time3/3/2014 at 8:52:51 AM


I don't know what kind of deck you have but in my experience decks are never build to bear the weight of an addion as that was not the intended purpose. I would suggest that you have thay checked first because if you need to put in a foundation for the addition you are looking at raising the cost substantially.


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Date/Time3/3/2014 at 4:38:21 PM

I would concur with Paul. It will be very unlikely that you will be able to build on top of the deck. Even if it is structurally able to support the addition, I do not think you will get a permit for building it in that manner. You really need to check on that part first to insure you get an accurate budget for the renovation that you are considering.


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Mat in Mississauga
Date/Time3/12/2014 at 10:23:19 PM

$ 55K will get you the room. No fire place.

$800 will get you the drawing for the contractor to follow the structural requirements.

No wood fire place: You will need special permission and permit. most contractors wont touch the project if there is a fire place to be done without permit.

You might have to request the architect to provide you with the foundation requirements also. Just to make sure that the existing deck will have the capacity to take the load. Have enough weather proofing where moisture wont sip in from below into the floor causing mildew. (health risk) specially if you are having a new addition to the family.


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