Since different types of soil requires different types of excavation, make sure the contractor you are about to hire has knowledge about the specific type of excavation you will be using for your property.

  • If you have loose and non-cohesive soil, excavation will usually require a clam-shell or pay-loader. Both of these equipment items are very large and require a large amount of space to work in. Since non-cohesive soil is like sand or gravel, it can be very hard to work with and usually requires a larger machine to be dealt with.
  • Cohesive soils are usually a clay-like substance and are often harder to deal with than non-cohesive soil. Power shovels or pull shovels are usually used on soil like this and help to break up and remove this difficult substance.
  • For very moist soil, draglines are used to remove it. After this type of machinery has been placed on a stable point, the moist soil is then dragged out. If the soil has been soaked with water, it will usually have to be drained.

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