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Posted by: from Tottenham
7/31/2009 at 2:36:46 PM

Hi everyone,

My web site is up and running.....finally. Please feel free to comment - good or bad. :)

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Date/Time8/8/2009 at 8:31:02 AM

Hello Mary, I like the web site. A couple of comments on the site if you are interested.

1) After browsing the site I got the impression you are on your own. If you were to mention your team of designers, or a group of associates you work with it would give the impression that you were a established designer with a team behind you.

2) Your section on consulting. Based on what I read, If i was interested in talking to you about design I would need to have a cheque of $250.00 ready before you walked in the door. For this reason alone I would not call. I would keep all the services your "TEAM" could provide but I would not mention prices anywhere.You need to sell your design skills to the customer first in the first meeting. Once you have sold them on your "Teams" ability then you can negotiate what your fee's will be once you have determined the size, scope of the work. Once you sell your abilities it easy to sign the deal.

3) Your fist photo when you go to Portfolio section is dull and boring. You have several other impressive pictures that I would use instead of that one.Capture them with "WOW Facture" and they will want to look at all of them.

The site is impressive, Good luck


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Tamburro Home Renovations in Courtice
Date/Time8/22/2009 at 3:44:28 PM

Hi Mary i'm Phil how did u get ur website up and running ??? i have been dieing to get a website for my business and don't know where to start ??? Rene is right in alot of stuff and u should work on it a bit ... i saw ur website

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Date/Time8/23/2009 at 9:35:55 AM

Thank-you for your comments Rene. The content for the website was researched quite throughly before being inserted. The one thing that I have never liked was seeing other decorators and designers websites referring that there was more than one of them when I know there is not. My designer agreed. I would never elude to something that is not true. What I am selling is me and there is just me. I do contract out the painting and renovation work but they are not under my employ. I certainly understand what you are saying and get why other web sites might have this type of information, it's just not what I want on mine.

Showing my pricing is something that my web designer and I both decided should be on there. Often what people are looking for is just the original consultation. They get to suck my brain for 2 hours, why should I give that away? No other designer or decorator does. By putting my pricing in, which you will find on a lot of decorators sites, it lets clients do some window shopping before calling.

You are, perhaps, correct about the picture it may not be the best one to show and I may re-arrange them, but you looked at them all. :)

Phil, I interviewed quite a number of web designers before deciding on the one that I did. The one thing that I thought was important was the ability to go into the back end of my web site when ever I wanted to make changes on any of the pages. If there is something I want to do that is beyond me then I can hire my designer to do it for me. I don't HAVE to hire my designer to make changes. I own my domain names and the hosting account is in my name. This is the only advice I would give to anyone thinking of doing a web site. Make sure you are in control.



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Date/Time8/26/2009 at 6:38:15 PM

Hi Mary- site looks good. I have to agree with Rene- you are asking for money before people even meet you. Great way to make a living, but not feasible in this economy. The consultation page is well laid out, but as a prospective client viewing it for the first time, I see to many $ signs. I would want to meet with YOU the person- not your company right off, to make sure you were the one I wanted to do business with- break the ice. Once I know you & feel you are right for my needs, I'll break out the check book. Just my feeling- please don't take any offence- the site looks great & the portfolio pics are very impressive. Good luck to you Mary.

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