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execute a reno
How to Avoid Renovation Aggravation: 10 Easy Steps for Contractors and Homeowners

Home renovations are complicated projects with a lot of moving parts. It's easy to run into communication issues, especially when the majority of the renovation is conducted through verbal agreements after the contract is signed. Verbal agreements seem like a casual way to approach a home renovation, but they put homeowners and contractors at serious risk for major complications and expenses. In this article, we show you how to avoid leaving your home renovation up to verbal agreements. We have 10 different ways to help you document a home renovation project.

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You'll never guess what the building material of the century is!

Builders relied on a simple building process 150 years ago. They took planks of wood, and nailed them together. Since then, the construction industry has moved onto new building strategies and new materials. We've seen iron, steel, and concrete take the forefront of home and high-rise construction. However, builders are starting the realize the virtue of simplicity, and nature! Laminated Timber products are prized for more than their aesthetic. Read on to find out about an amazing building material, and why you should build you next home with it.

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Professional Holding Hard Hat
Untangling Workers' Compensation Insurance Misunderstandings

Because Workers' Compensation Insurance (WCI) varies provincially, it's difficult to generalize homeowners' responsibilities when it comes to the contractors they hire. Since rules and regulations vary, some homeowners are unaware of the mandatory coverage obligations that businesses must provide for their workers. There are several misconceptions surrounding WCI policies for residential properties. This article debases common misconceptions within the industry by providing provincial standards in a comprehensive summary. Companies that do not follow these standards may be fraudulent businesses. As part of Fraud Prevention Month, we believe that homeowners should learn how to spot fraud businesses to save themselves from legal battles, additional expenses, and how to prevent the underground economy.

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Renovation Plans
Things to Ensure and Expect During Your Home Improvement Project

Home improvements can be big projects, although home magazines and television shows don't always make them out to be. It's easy to forget the hard work and time that goes into remodeling a space in your home when you see a beautiful photograph of a contemporary kitchen. Before you jump into your next project with that finished, shining new kitchen in mind, mull over what expectations are appropriate and grounded, which are necessary, and which ones you may have to rethink when considering the project as a whole. In this article, you will find expectations that TrustedPros and other experts see as essential to having a smooth, fruitful renovation project completed in your home. Content discussed contains: choosing contractors, thinking about contracts, timelines, funds, strategy, construction cleanliness, and materials.

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Home improvements
Top 10 Home Improvements in Canada 2014 - Province-by-Province

The end of a year is always a time for reflection. We thought therefore, that now is as good a time as any to explore what Canadian homeowners have been doing with their home improvement budgets. The results of our study were pretty revealing actually, although it's transparent that window weren't a big thing.

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Couple Renovating
Should You Renovate Before Selling Your Home?

Let's play a friendly game of truth or dare. The question we're about to entertain focuses on whether to renovate before selling your home. If you picked truth, then you're probably debating on this very subject. If you play by dares, then you might have already been in this situation. Regardless, there's some pertinent information to contemplate.

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Off Grid Eco-Sign
7 More Tips for Living off the Grid in Canada

Getting off the energy grid is simply not enough for some people though, and to truly 'get off the grid' there are other steps you can take. For those looking to move beyond just escaping the energy grid and integrating a fully independent lifestyle, here are seven more tips to help you get started.

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Reality TV Family
Too-Great Expectations Follow-Up

Reality home makeover shows aren't out there to be exactly realistic and any viewer should be able to understand this. They set out to 'mimic' reality in a way that can either entertain, inform, or help others, not to droop the homeowners watching from their couch.

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The Dreaded Laundry Room: A Place Much More Than Sighs and Stains!

The days of the wooden bucket and washboard are over so why are you stuck in the past? Redo your laundry room and soon your least favorite job of cleaning your wardrobe can soon become a little more tolerable.

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Too-Great Expectations

We've all seen it. Turn on HGTV, and before long you'll run across a family in distress after a home improvement project gone wrong. Before you can say 'prime time,' half of the house has been gutted and miraculously recreated using top-of-the-line products fit for Windsor Castle with no price tag in sight.

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Contractor with homeowners
Top Tips for Negotiating with Contractors

There are several things you can do to help lighten the overall cost of your project when negotiating with a contractor. Consider the following tips when choosing a contractor and negotiating the best possible deal.

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Major Renovation Money Savers

If you're not prepared, home remodelling can wipe out your retirement, and put your plans for a trip around the world on hold for the next decade. Fortunately, a few simple tips can add up to big savings on your home improvement projects.

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Winnipeg home renovations
Five Tips on Planning Winnipeg Home Renovations

Planning Winnipeg home renovations takes time and energy. Be sure to invest in professional help, become familiar with national and Manitoba Building Code, and arrange for financing. It also helps to design for resale, as well as your personal comfort, and get a head start on researching potential contractors. These five tips will help you make the most of your investment.

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renewable energy
7 Tips for Living Off the Grid in Canada

Canadians around the country are turning away from their provincial electricity and utilities services because of high-costs and environmental damage. The solution: going off the grid, and relying on their own renewable energy technology for their basic energy needs. If this sounds like an ideal setup, then we can help you grasp the basics! Inside we talk about getting started: what you need to know about going off the gird, how to do it, and how to make the most of it.

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Cottage winterizing
Winterizing Your Cottage

This article offers helpful tips on how to winterizing your cottage.

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Be More Energy Efficient - Winterize Your Home

Read this article to discover other ways to winterize your home to make it more cozy, comfortable, and safe.

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Building materials
Money Saving Tips For Buying Building Materials

Money saving tips can help a homeowner with bathroom remodeling or a kitchen renovation. Building supply stores and liquidation stores are also money savers.

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Cheap renovations
Ways to Save on Your Home Improvement Project

In a home improvement project the best way to save money is to use your own construction skills for a renovation. You can also save money on getting quotes and estimates from subcontractors.

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Green building trends
Top Five Green Building Trends to Include in Your Home Renovation

Lessen your family's environmental impact with these five green building trends. Your home renovation can include the proper insulation for energy efficiency and specially designed paint and building material for better air quality. Install green floors, focus on creating a natural setting in the yard and remember to design for water conservation. These ideas will put you on the path to a greener planet and a happier home improvement project.

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Retaining wall
Gaining Ground With Retaining Walls

Landscaping designers can install a retaining wall system on sloping lots that require elevating and leveling the land.

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