Fertilisers ratio

Spidy 2 Whitecourt
4/23/2008 at 2:53:47 AM

Well we all know fertilizers can found in artificial and organic. i'm planning to use mix, anyone knows the ratio for them to make your plants grow well?

James from Toronto
5/27/2008 at 2:57:17 PM

It all depends on the type f artificial and organic fertilizer you choose to use. There should be mixing information right on the package of organic giving you a mixing ratio. If you don't find one, the best advice I can give is to ask someone at your local green house. Even though the package might give you one mixing ratio, maybe someone has mixed it differently and came up with better results.

liow from Spruce Grove
8/8/2008 at 4:02:42 PM

Organic fertilizers include 3 hypenated numbers on the label eg, 6-4-4 which is called the fertilizer analysis.

First number - stands for nitrogen which is the main nutrient plants need.

Second number - phosphorus for vigorous root and bloom development

Third number - potassium; supports good overall plant functioning

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