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Top Soil...and lots of it!

Brad Ivany
3/19/2009 at 9:16:05 PM

Anyone need some?

3/19/2009 at 9:33:17 PM

Hi people,

Gardening is not my cup of tea however I felt I should let you all know that I have quite a great deal amount of topsoil that has come my way should I say and I have the option of selling it off and or just having it dumped on my property in dump truck loads to use as fill. I really have no need for all of it, maybe a few pick up truck loads but not dump truck loads. So anywho, let me know if you want some of it, all of it and I can get things rolling. I will sell it for $50. per pick up truck load only if you shovel it. I will sell it as you want it, big truck, small truck what ever you like. The topsoil is great for the planter in you, the flower gardening and what ever you normally use it for. So just because it is almost free, and I have tons of it don`t think you can have it for free. lol Let me know if you want or need some. Call me at 416 436 8303 or email me at


3/23/2009 at 3:42:30 PM

Ok, too late. It has all be taken.