24'x24' deck over carport replacement vs. rehab

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Posted by: from Nelson
4/4/2017 at 7:18:29 PM

We have been told that one of the supporting columns under our 24'x24' deck is rotten and needs to be replaced and the railings are also falling apart and aren't to code.

Would it be possible to replace the rotten column and unsafe railings then apply duradeck over the current torch-on?

Or, should we consider a tear-down and re-build to avoid finicky work the current deck (probably 10-30 years old, we bought the house last July).

How much should we plan to spend for a new build of a 24'x24' deck with stairs above a carport (8-10ft) above the ground with duradeck and aluminum and glass railings? (We would do the demolition ourselves and we're in the Kootenays).


24'x24' deck over carport replacement vs. rehab
24'x24' deck over carport replacement vs. rehab
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Date/Time4/4/2017 at 8:22:55 PM

Railings are going to be up to half the cost of the deck. For a custom aluminum/glass side mount railing, it will be around $70 per linear foot installed. Looking at what you have there, it may be around $5,600 for the rails.

The deck rebuild will depend on the state of the rot as to what the cost would be. You will be hard pressed to find a Duradek installer that will agree to apply the membrane over a torch on, this will void the warranty. Its best to remove the plywood and replace it completely. Do it right now and it will last another 30 years. Do it wrong and it may only last a few.

Duradek installed is around $7-9 a square foot of material (~$4,600). Your installer may need to get crafty to reduce waste such as using a t-seam.

A ball park budget for a project like yours would be about $15,000. You can go to for a referral to their certified installer in the area.

Best of luck!

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