Backflow Valve

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Medicine Hat
11/29/2012 at 3:22:36 PM

I had a basement sewer flood 3 years ago. Insurance covered the cleanup etc. I am with a new insurance company and they require that there is a backflow valve installed.

How would I know if the initial insurance claim installed one? What do I look for?

How much to get one installed if there is not a backflow valve?

Thank You

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Date/Time11/29/2012 at 5:19:51 PM

Hi Medicine Hat,

Try to google "backflow devices", check on the install procedures for each and then look inside your sewer drain (in the basement) for items that specifically relates to how they must be installed.

Good Luck


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Date/Time11/29/2012 at 6:29:11 PM

There are a lot of different designs and manufactures. They are usually installed under the concrete floor attached to the main city drain, next to an exterior wall. Usually the front wall, because that is were the city sewers are. You usually see a plastic cover on the floor, the valve will be under there.

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Gregory from Multi Reno in Gatineau
Date/Time11/29/2012 at 6:58:47 PM


Find your insurance claim number and check with your insurance agent as to if one backflow valve was installed in the claim or not then you will know if there is one or not otherwise hire a plumber with a inspection camera and he will confirm with you if there is one present and if it works properly too!


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Jeff from Newson Interiors in Dunrobin
Date/Time12/5/2012 at 9:24:03 PM

Hi Karyn,

Typically insurance companies only pay for the damage done not the root cause. If the roof leaks they will replace the insulation and drywall but not the roof. I'm not saying it makes sense or that your ins company didn't install a backflow preventer, but chances are they didn't. They would have had to cut open the floor slab in ypur basement and install one in the main sewer line. I'm sure you would remember if they did.

If you still aren't sure, a plumbing contractor with a camera system could scope the drain fairly cheaply to answer for sure.

Hope that helps.


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