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Posted by: from Maple
2/5/2019 at 9:54:50 AM

I did not use my Napoleon gas fireplace for 11-12 years.

Today, it would not start after I had turned on the gas supply (from the basement) and an electric switch in the living room.

What do I have to change to activate the gas fireplace? Do I have to change a certain component in the fire place?

How does a layman (not a skilled professional) light and un-light the gas fireplace?

Turn on the gas supply/switch on the electrical switch for the gas fireplace in the living room, then what will be the final step? I have missed the final procedure.

I do not want to have to ask a tradesman to come in to light and un-light the gas fireplace.


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Date/Time2/5/2019 at 11:44:43 AM

Hi Martin

Being safe is more important then being embarrassed. A lot can happen to switches

and valves over 12 years of not being used.

Consider it maintenance . You certainly do not

want any unknowing gas leaks. Have the technician tell you exactly what he is doing

to start up your fireplace and close it down .

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Gerard from Betterbuilt in Burlington
Date/Time2/5/2019 at 12:03:08 PM

Hi there.....

Most likely you will have to re-light the pilot......manually.

Pull the bottom front off (or lower hinged lid)You most likely see two for flame adjustment and one for off-pilot-run.

Turn the pilot knob to off and wait a couple of minutes.......THen turn knob to pilot and keep pushed-in........The air in the line should slowly be replaced with gas.

While keeping the button pushed......push the igniter button a couple of times and you should see a spark somewhere in the log set .

This should ultimately result in the unit firing-up....This could take some time because of the air in the line.

If all fails....remove the front glass.....which you probably have to clean anyway.........listen for gas and light the unit with a BBQ lighter.

Hope this helps,


Gerard Schoeman


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