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Fireplace Design Tips

If there is one fixture of a living room which says style and comfort, it's the fireplace. These home staples don't just bring heat into a room. They also bring a sense of timelessness to the entire house. But fireplaces require a lot more than just the occasional fire and a thorough sweeping of the ashes after each burn. They need to "pop" and draw attention to themselves, creating a homey centerpiece around which the rest of the living room can be designed. There are a number of ways you can accomplish this.

Furniture and Decoration

The first method is by simply adding furniture and smaller decorations to the fireplace. Armchairs are classic pieces to add before the mantle. But there is so much more that you can do with a fireplace than you might even think of initially.

Fire Guards. Most fireplaces automatically come with a fire guard. These simple wire meshes trap ash and reduce the risk of your home catching a flame. However, they can also be much more than a protective net. Many different styles of fire guards can fit any unique fireplace aesthetic, giving you style as well as protection.

Mantles. Updating the mantle is another popular option for anybody considering a fireplace redesign. More so than adding armchairs or updating the fire guard, changing the mantle can alter the personality of your fireplace and even the living room as a whole. If you are going for a classic look, do not be afraid to choose mantle which has a more ornate and eye-catching design. But if you want to update your fireplace to a more modern aesthetic, be sure to keep it as minimalist as possible.

A Whole New Look

Speaking of updating! Many fireplaces maintain a brick or marble face, which hearkens back to more classic fireplaces. However, it has become a trend lately to update these older models to reflect a more modern design. Stainless steel is an increasingly popular material to use on a fireplace due to its equal ability to hold in the fire and actually make the room warmer overall as it absorbs heat.

The Perks of an Outdoor Fireplace

But another growing trend is the presence of a fireplace on the patio. Especially popular in northern regions due to colder climes—something we here in Canada are surely familiar with—many homeowners install an outdoor fireplace or fire pit like these in order to give their backyard some flavor as well as increase the functionality of the back yard during colder months. If you are planning a patio renovation, a fireplace is one of the best things to put in.

No matter where you plan on putting it or what kind design you want, a fireplace is a great place to gather around on a cold winter evening. Be sure to hire a contractor before you make your decision, however, as they can tell you the best way to build it without having to risk any damage to your home or your pocketbook.

Whether a glorious show stopper or humbly modest, the style of fireplace you select for your room will help define it. For that reason, strategic planning for not only the size, type, and location of the fireplace is prudent. But also, material, color, and style. Today's electric, gas, and wood fireplace selection is exciting. Still popular are traditional "clean-faced" open hearth options, while sleek modern styles like in-wall "widescreen" fireplaces add an up-scale element to room dècor. Newer fireplace designs are especially high fuel efficiency minded; some by as much as 100%. Other trendy options feature modern influences that have helped redefine the home hearth. For instance, arched "portrait-style" designs, two sided see-through fireplaces, and vent-free options - no chimney required! Also, sleek modern designs (many of which are less than 8-inches deep and hang like pictures on the wall); three-sided designs, and glassed-in freestanding fireplaces - for inside the home or out!

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