How to install bath fan with no attic

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Posted by: from Calgary
12/27/2013 at 11:35:52 PM

My house has no attic, just a flat roof above. Can I/how do I install a bath fan?

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Date/Time12/28/2013 at 11:33:26 PM

If your roof trusses run to the outside wall of your bathroom you have no problem what so ever. Simply cut the opening for the fan. Open up the ceiling 6"x6" at every roof truss leading to the wall you have power on.

Run 110 from a wall outlet to a new switch and box, or an existing switch in the room, if you don't mind the fan coming on every time you turn on the light. Run this up to the ceiling and through holes at every joist you have to run through to the location of the fan. If you are running with the joist then only cut a few holes that with allow you to pull the wire.

Now if you are running with the joist open up enough holes to give you access to run the exhaust vent out into the soffit at the side of the house. Then using a ladder install the vent cover on the exterior of the house after attaching the vent to the vent line. After removing insulation to run the vent, install new installation around it. And then tape vapour barrier back with Tuck tape prior to reinstalling the drywall.

Either install the vent aiming down in the soffit or straight out. It depends on the finish of the roof at that location. After connecting all the electrical runs, test the unit. Then pull your insulation back in place where you ran the wire. Tape plastic vapour barrier back at each opening, and then install the pieces of drywall you cut out. Tape and plaster. Prime and paint.

Your done!

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Istion in Calgary
Date/Time12/30/2013 at 3:17:52 AM

Thanks SO much!!

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Tory in Toronto
Date/Time1/2/2014 at 12:48:40 AM

Call some contractor and they can suggest you better.

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