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Bathroom Remodel
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Bathroom Redesign Tips

When it comes to a home redesign, no expense should ever be spared on the bathroom. It is odd how such a small room can affect the value of a home so drastically, even though claims that the cost of renovation should only be 5 to 10% of the total value.

A full remodel of the bathroom, whether it is the master bath or a secondary powder room, is a risk because of the costs associated with it. You can wind up literally flushing all your income down the toilet if you're not careful. This is why it's imperative to hire a professional designer as well as a reputable contractor with plumbing experience. The can help you make all these important buying decisions which can make or break your renovation-as well as your home's value.

Bathtub or Shower?

One of the biggest and most important questions you need to ask yourself when considering a bathroom renovation is, "Should I put in a tub or a shower?" A lot can hinge on this decision. Not only does the bath/shower take up the most space in the room-indeed, it is the very reason you have a bathroom in the first place-but its presence can determine whether or not more people want to buy your home in the first place.

Single Bathroom. If you have only one bathroom in the entire house, eliminating a bathtub in favor of a shower facility is an extremely risky move. Many homebuyers are turned off by the lack of a bathtub. Families prefer to bathe their children in the tub rather than having them take a shower, and adults do enjoy a nice relaxing soak every so often. So you do want to avoid removing the tub and replacing it with an exclusive shower stall.

Multiple Bathrooms. If you have more than one bathroom, the question does become a bit more complicated, especially if you have an upper and lower floor bathroom. Most homebuyers looking at a multi-bathroom house do want a master bathroom possessing a bathtub and shower stall rather than one or the other. Having a professional designer can help you decide how the pair should be arranged.

Having more than one bathroom does make for an interesting scenario, however. Many if not all master bathrooms are located on the upper floor with powder rooms and half-bathrooms on the main floor for the convenience of guests and daytime use. This gives you a greater spectrum of design choices while also establishing certain limitations on the aesthetic of the bathroom-limitations that a designer will know precisely.

Get In Touch With Experts

You can get in touch with design experts and contractors no matter where you are. Their presence can help you have an enjoyable renovation experience while also helping you save money and make a higher return on your investment, which is something that anybody likes. Best of luck to your renovation, and have fun!

Although often the smallest room in the house, your bathroom is also one of the most frequently visited - making it not only highly visible, but also one of the most important room renovations you can make. While an extensive bathroom renovation is not cheap, updated fixtures and features combined with a functional and modern design will prove a wise investment. A mid-range bathroom renovation, for instance, can make a home more desirable and sellable, often with a cost recoup that exceeds 100% of the homeowner's investment. Even a modest renovation can make your bathroom more vibrant, more appealing, and a more enjoyable room to visit. After all, everyone loves a great-looking bathroom. Browse the images in the Bathroom Renovation Photo Gallery below for great design and feature ideas that will help plant your feet on the path to a great new bathroom makeover!

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