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Posted by: from Vancouver
3/21/2024 at 2:04:42 AM

Hi, I'm looking to install a new non-load bearing wall about 10 feet long and 8 feet high instead of existing sliding panel glass wall in the condo. What professional should I search for? Handyman, drywaller, renovation, general contractor, else?


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Michael from Contractors Of Canada in Barrie
Date/Time3/21/2024 at 2:21:54 PM

Hello! I would definitely call a glass contractor only! Most of them will have installers that also work outside the scope of just glass. Ensuring drywall repairs and such get completed. If you hire a contractor who's not a glass professional, then the contractor you hire will hire the glass professional anyways. Then they will mark up your price 25-35% higher to make their cut. Your job is a very specific trade like roofing, windows and doors, paving etc. in these cases call the glass professional to do your glass work. You'll get the best pricing, quality and guarantee!

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Sami from OCS in Ottawa
Date/Time3/21/2024 at 3:04:04 PM

There's two ways to look at this, value & budgeting. As stated a glass professional will be better for budgeting and will ensure the important part of the scope (glass removal) gets done correctly and allows for new wall to be framed and finished. However, with a general contractor you will have more bang for your buck. First of all there are 3-4 trades needed for this scope of work so either you or a contractor will have to coordinate timelines and scheduling, secondly you have to do your research to ensure trades are professionals and up to par, where as a GC has his own crews and they all fall under his liability. Also a glass company may not have commercial liability where a GC needs 5mill to operate in a condo setting. If you factor your time and stress with unforeseens/delays you definitely get more bang for your buck hiring a GC and holding them accountable to timelines and standards. Best of luck!

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Miguel from MIG Underground in Kearney
Date/Time3/21/2024 at 3:12:35 PM

Hi Lala,

A good handyman should do the job. (should be the cheapest way but I would hire someone that has done work for a friend or family, in other words trustworthy) You are only removing existing sliding glass panel with existing hardware (track, etc) and replacing with metal stud and drywall.

Carefully remove and dispose glass, etc

Prep area for metal installation such as trimming out existing floor to account for the extra width of new wall (I am assuming glass panel are thinner than proposed stud and drywall.

Drywall and mudding. (make sure he is good at this because you want the least amount of mess. A good mudder won't have to sand much and will keep it at a minimum.

Then baseboards and paint.

Good luck Lala!



PS. I once knew someone from Peru with your name.

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Date/Time3/21/2024 at 3:22:41 PM

It's best to hire a professional handyman for this job as it is both cost-effective and efficient.

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Date/Time3/21/2024 at 3:27:06 PM

Any company that does renovations will be fine. I have run into "handymen" that could handle a fairly simple job like that. And a larger number that I would not trust to do it. If your code is apartment style the baseplate will have to be installed by screwing into the concrete and using proper fasteners etc. Whomever you use, have them describe how they will proceed.

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Date/Time3/22/2024 at 1:29:56 AM

A general contractor would be most likely your best bet or a trade professional from the respective service that you're looking for handyman is typically not a guy that has a lot of skill credential behind him and it's just a person that has over the years learned how to do a little bit of wiring, a little bit of plumbing, a little bit of drywall and so on, but really at the end of the day he's not the guy that's gonna do an overall job for you The construction industry, especially when it comes to carpentry because it's an unlicensed not like the plumbers or the electricians and the HVAC industry. Those are all regulated because you need to be a master in that trade to pull a permit permit when it comes to carpentry. hence, the reason for you to go and find a general contractor rather than a handyman

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Date/Time3/23/2024 at 6:34:06 PM

Carpenter - Renovation Contractor is best. I do these all the time, requires carpentry knowledge and codes, then drywall, paint etc, etc. A general contractor can do it or a jack of all trades. No requirements for removal of a standard wall. For a load bearing wall there are very specific code requirements for removal and beam installs, permit may be required as well in some cases. Get experienced, licensed people only in this.

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