Cost of framing a 2 storey with finished basement?

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Posted by: from Edmonton
9/28/2014 at 1:17:30 AM

What is the cost of framing a 3050 sq ft 2 storey with a 1280sq ft finished basement in Edmonton, Alberta?

2 storey

3050sq ft

1280sq ft Basement

Sideways double garage

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Date/Time9/28/2014 at 12:01:35 PM

Hi there,

A set of plans would be necessary to give an accurate cost. As a rough number $11.00 sq/ft is what I charge.


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Date/Time10/3/2014 at 4:19:43 PM

Hi Mohammed,

Pricing is always the first question asked and the hardest one to answer.

While I could not attempt to provide a quote for framing without a complete set of drawings, I will point out some key things to watch for.

Firstly, not all quotes are created equal.

When you mention "finished basement" keep in mind that framing is "rough carpentry" and while it impacts finishes more than almost any other aspect of house construction, it does not translate or include any finish work.

Typically framing is completed prior to any mechanical work. In the case of plumbing and HVAC, even the best HVAC design is represented by lines on a drawing with specifications and difficult to visualize how things like ductwork will run opposite the direction of the joists or how to get it to the second or third floors.

The framing done after the mechanicals are done and fireplaces and stairs are in place is called "back framing" and is almost never included in the framing quotation. It requires return trips from the framers sometimes long after the initial framing was completed.

Make sure you have a plan for this.

Some framers include the installation of typical steel beams, others do not.

Also, be sure to have your framers out to inspect the foundation prior to framing (not the day they are starting), because corners sufficiently out of square or foundations that are unacceptably out of level can be corrected but at additional costs.

It is always best to provide your framer or if you are tendering the project, all of the framers invited to bid a copy of the same complete set of construction drawings. The more detail on the drawings, the more accurate the quotations.

One of the single biggest factors affecting a framing quotation is the roof. If you have a simple gable roof with roof trusses, the price will be drastically different than a multilevel hand cut hip roof. In fact in some cases it could double a quote.

A site visit should also be mandatory, as in some cases access to the site is restricted meaning material has to be craned in or hand moved. These are large extras to a quote. It will also allow the framer to calculate three weeks of paid parking at the site in some cases that no one is happy about if they forgot to account for it.

Lastly, specify whether the framers are to supply an all terrain lift truck such as a Zoom Boom or a crane.

Good Luck

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