Concrete Flooring

There are different types of concrete choices. Stamped concrete is becoming increasingly more popular for home design projects. The different designs include Spanish tile, quarry stone or flagstone, as well as different colors. They are used for tile facades on walls, kitchen counters, or even on a fireplace hearth. These stamped concrete creations look so real that most people have walked past it and probably never realized that it was stamped concrete.

There is also stenciled concrete, which is similar to stamped concrete except that it is not as reliable, but is less expensive. Additionally, the color is usually applied to the top of the concrete rather than mixed into the concrete mix.

Acid stain is another application for concrete. This process can be used regardless if you are using stamped concrete or not. In essence, acid stained concrete are chemicals mixed into the concrete causing a reaction with the minerals that are already in the concrete, which creates various colors. This will create the look of marble and are natural colors such as reds, browns and greens.

Using stamped concrete is also a great option for interior designing, such as countertops. However, this requires a lot more detail and artistry, where a professional contractor would give you the look you want and a guarantee of their work. Subsequently, it is important to find a company that has experience in stamped concrete—look at their displays, call references, etc. Seeing their displays will give you an idea of the different colors you can choose from and what will look good in your home. Plus if you do not see the color you were hoping, talk with the contractor about the possibility of getting what you want.

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