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Just as its name implies, landscaping is about the design and function of your home's grounds, the land that it is situated upon. It's all about what you would like to create in and around your home using one or more of the following: stone, brick, block, wood, glass, grass, soil, water-ponds, shrubs, trees, flowers and plants, to highlight your outdoor home environment? The right designed landscape, can give your home a new life, and increase its value by tens of thousands of dollars in the process!

Landscaping can be considered an essential part of grooming and maintenance for most big yards or gardens; especially, if you are no longer up to the physical labour and back bending chores in order to keep things looking fresh and beautiful; or, have direct access to the heavy and expensive equipment that it takes to trim, mow, mulch, plant and harvest, the fruits, as well as the wastes of your yard and garden.

Most homes have front and backyards with grass and plants that seem to always grow, requiring monthly maintenance and looking after. Landscaping companies offer many services to the homeowner to manage their lawns and yards; including, installing sprinkler systems; building retaining walls; constructing patios; digging irrigation and drainage channels; creating customized stone, brick, or concrete landscapes; while being able to handle the needs of any shrubs, flowers or backyard trees.

Landscaping companies charge a monthly flat fee for their services; including, snow removal during the winter months; saving you the time and energy of not to having to shovel yourself out of a major snowfall! They can also provide salting/de-icing; and usually come out to service your property when the weather calls for more than 2-3 centimetres of snowfall. Some, depending on your need and contract, can even visit numerous times during the day, especially, if the snow continues through-out the day and night. Driveways and walkways require constant monitoring and de-icing during cold windy wintery conditions, to prevent thick ice from forming, creating slippery dangerous conditions, for you and your family, and passersby.

Depending on the size of your space and particular needs, there is a wide range of landscaping companies to choose from. The small one person business owner, with a truck, tools, and perhaps a helper; that can handle most small to mid size yards and gardens; to the trucks, trailers, bobcats and bulldozers, some of the larger landscaping companies possess; that are used to tear up your driveway, or to dig your swimming pool. Some can do it all!

As the experts would agree, nothing say's curb appeal or creates a bigger WOW factor for buying or selling a home than a well manicured, totally custom designed, and beautifully landscaped garden; filled with the joys of nature; colorful sweet smelling flowers, sculpted shrubs, and trees teeming with life. A well designed yard or garden creates a wonderful point of view for any home. Bring out the look of your home; consider a professional landscaping design makeover.

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