What are pros and cons to hiring a labourer?

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Posted by: from Barrie
8/23/2014 at 12:32:54 AM

Hi everyone,

I am busy enough to possibly hire a labourer. What are the pros and cons? WSIB?

What if I'm not busy enough?

How are you finding the work force these days with employees?

What are the going wages and total cost per hour? (I am in mid Ontario).


Steve Rose

Rose Home Renovations

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Date/Time8/24/2014 at 10:50:06 AM

I have not done this before, but I have previously considered using a temporary agency for general labour or when I needed a bunch of people for a short period of time.

Scheduling worked out so I never needed it. I have been on jobs where this is the case. Generally during plant shutdowns or prime vacation schedules. Seems to work well according to those that I have talked to.

Might want to give that a try before you commit to a new full-time employee.



John Kuehnl-Cadwell

Master Electrician

Datawise Solutions Inc

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Date/Time8/24/2014 at 9:06:30 PM

That is a great idea, John. Thanks for taking the time.


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Date/Time8/25/2014 at 12:38:15 AM

There is more cons than pro's for a small company. First is finding people that are good at there trade. Second if you do full renovations, finding someone good in multi trades is next to impossible. Don't forget about the lost productivity for you and them showing someone how to do something, it really adds up.

Then there is the government. WSIB for reno companies is 9.1% of what you pay your employees. It's a huge amount for what insurance you get in return. You will match the CPP of the employee and 1.4 times for EI. Don't forget the paper work time of filing your quarterly returns.

In reality from everyone in small construction that I have talked to, you will proably profit about 12K a year from each employee. Assuming you don't have any training costs. You also have to keep them busy. They won't stay unless you can supply steady work.

If you literally just need unskilled labour, then the temp agencies are the way to go. I have had employees before and my life and profits are much better now that I'm on my own again. Just my opinion.

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Date/Time9/2/2014 at 1:50:15 PM


No problem. Glad I could help.



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