What is happening to my garden?

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Posted by: from Carlisle
6/10/2014 at 11:01:40 AM

For some reason half of our plants in our front yard are dying or already dead and we can't figure out why?!

With the grass, the garden is watered every other day and we've never had this issue in previous year until now.

We are located on a corner lot with some walking traffic, dogs etc. but the garden is set-back at least 15 feet from the sidewalk.

Is the soil contaminated? What are we doing wrong or what can we do to stop this now?

Any advice you can offer would be amazing!

What is happening to my garden?
What is happening to my garden?
What is happening to my garden?
What is happening to my garden?
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Date/Time6/10/2014 at 2:51:50 PM

With the winter we have had, a lot of homes have the same problem. It's from the ice and snow build up. Most of the plants and grass will come back on there own. Remove the ones that you know are dead or just to far gone to look nice. You should be watering your grass at most once a week and a good soak, not a light sprinkle.

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Janna in New Jersey
Date/Time4/5/2019 at 8:47:39 AM

I think there may be several reasons. For example, plant diseases, a sharp temperature drop, you grow plants that aren't intended for this weather. It's also possible you care for them incorrectly. This spring, several my plants died, because I hadn't thought that it was time to switch to more intensive watering. Lack of water or poor quality water for irrigation can also be the reason that your plants fade. I try to make gardening as easy as possible for me. I use a large rainwater tank for watering or water from our pond. I rarely use automatic watering, I usually water the plants with a hose and watch every day how they feel. My hose reel broke, so I'm looking for a new one, I found here an overview of different hose reels. There are also reviews of many useful things for the garden and your backyard.

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Derekk in Munich
Date/Time4/11/2020 at 1:06:10 PM

The garden is a complex system. Big or small is an interesting puzzle! Plants need a certain light spectrum. Whether a plant receives this spectrum from the sun or a lamp, the plant still needs a certain spectrum. Try to dig some plants for the winter or cover them with greenhouses using LED lamps.

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