Basment Reno - remove existing drywall or not?

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Posted by: from Chelsea
5/29/2013 at 12:31:19 PM

Hey there,

I'm currently planning a basement reno and I'm stuck on a certain point. I currently have 1" of rigid foam on the walls with some strapping and drywall on top of it. I want to further insulate my walls, so I'm going to frame out the exterior walls and add some Roxul.

My question is, should I remove the existing drywall, or just frame out on top of it?



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Clayton from Gable to Gable in Sherwood Park
Date/Time5/29/2013 at 1:47:17 PM

Hello Tyler,

I would defiantly recommend that you remove the old stuff as there may be some surprises behind it and if you install the new walls over the old you may never know if there is a crack or leak in your foundation until its to late and does damage to the rest of the basement ex.

TV, carpet, laminate, old photos, what ever you might store in your basement is at higher risk of water damage or may even case electrical shorts leading to a fire.

Clayton Miller

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Date/Time5/29/2013 at 3:19:37 PM

I would definitely remove the drywall. If the existing drywall has a vapour barrier behind it, you will end up with a double vapour barrier that would trap moisture in the wall. If the foam insulation is white bead board, you may want to get rid of it.

As the previous responder said this allows for an inspection of existing conditions as well.

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Date/Time5/29/2013 at 10:34:52 PM


There is no wrong way to do this...personal preference. If you want to do it "right" (My version of Right) strip it down to the base and properly apply new product. You get to look at the foundation for signs of trouble, you know it will be put together properly and since you are doing the work your self, most of what you are dealing with is labor.

Good Luck

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Date/Time6/13/2013 at 12:36:20 AM

I agree with the others. Also, I would like to add that since those walls are strapped is there any electrical receptacles. If so, then they usually notch he foundation so the 2x4 box can fit or they use a shallower box. Both ways bad idea.

You might have to bring electrical up to todays codes. Which you can do yourself if you have some competence, get a permit yourself and save $$.

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