Bathroom Reno Cost

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Posted by: from Burlington
2/25/2019 at 3:10:56 PM

Approx much should it cost for a 880 sq foot complete bathroom renovation, down to the studs, flooring & all. I was thinking around $55/sq foot.

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Brice from B&L Construction in Edmonton
Date/Time2/25/2019 at 4:09:56 PM


Im guessing that is a typo (880sqft), You can pay up to $250/sqft depending on finishings. Average bathrooms will run you around $10k-$12k for a full gut.

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Date/Time2/25/2019 at 4:27:03 PM

Hey Donna,

Its really hard to say as there are so many factors that come into play when remodelling your bathroom. Sizing, placement and material of tiles play a big role in the price, along with different types of plumbing fixtures/ vanities / electrical finishings and so on.

I would recommend you request an experienced contractor to have a look at your project and go through feasible options dependant on your budget.

Kind Regards,


AJL Custom Homes & Renovation

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Date/Time2/25/2019 at 4:28:59 PM

yes 880sqft is a bit on the big size in canada to cost of a re-re bathroom would run about $15 k subject to what fixtures etc

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Hossein from Ideal Dream Homes in Thornhill
Date/Time2/25/2019 at 4:31:45 PM


Including materials and labour costs yes it is between $45/sqft and $60/sqft.

Thank you

Ideal Dream Homes

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Date/Time2/25/2019 at 4:34:57 PM

Hi Dona,

Thanks for posing the question. As others have pointed out, there must be a type out with the size of the bathroom?

With both bathroom and kitchen renovations the selected finishes play a huge role in the end price. As a rule of thumb I think of the tenth factor. Meaning, you can easily spend 10 times the amount on any finish's cheapest option. For example, you might be happy with a $100 faucet while I could have a customer select a $1,000.00 faucet for their remodel.

So, finishes play a huge role in the final price. I'd say reasonable ballpark of $8K to $15K for a full gut and not going crazy with the finishes.

Have a good day.

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Date/Time2/25/2019 at 4:46:48 PM

Hi Dona,

I think you may have meant 80 sq ft.

No worries. $55 is very low. I would expect that figure to fairly closely cover the labor for a week.

In ontario good reno carpenters are worth $45-60

It very much depends on the finishes (Tile, Trim, etc) and fixtures (Tubs, toilet, vanity and taps) you would like installed. Prices vary wildly. Budgeting another $4000 for mid-grade 3 piece bath and allowing for materials (Drywall, Cement Board, Waterproofing, Etc) you should expect quotes to be $10,000-12000 at a minimum.

Don't forget HST when budgeting these big ticket items.


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Andrew from Fortune Carpentry in Oakville
Date/Time2/25/2019 at 5:20:54 PM

I don't think the washroom would be that big but it should be $45 per sq ft.


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Date/Time2/25/2019 at 6:49:47 PM

880 sqft bathroom that's kinda big, my bathroom rebuilds go for around 7800.00 to 16,000.00 for normal bathrooms one that size could be 85k if it in a mansion I would need more info on the fixtures and finishing you're planning on using

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Date/Time2/25/2019 at 11:03:56 PM


A Common Question among Homeoowners planning for a Bathroom Remodel Typicaly cost?The Estimate cost as well as Budget ranges from $13500 to $48000, According to the Market, you are Recomended to spend 5% to 10 % of the total curent Value of your home on redoing the Bathing area. If you stick to these numbers ,your resale value won't be negatively affected.

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Date/Time2/26/2019 at 10:42:14 AM

I believe there is something wrong with the size mentioned. Anyway for an average size 3 pieces washroom will cost you about $7000-$8000 labor and building materials and all depend on the standard of finishing materials you are looking for.

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