Bathroom renovation questions

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Posted by: from Collingwood

We are renovating a master bathroom and have a couple of questions.

Is it necessary to have a tub in the master ensuite from a resale point of view when in fact there is a tub upstairs on the 2nd floor??

Secondly, we do not want any curb going into the shower and wondering if shaving 1 inch off the joist for draining is a good idea? The contractor did state that they would reenforce the joist.

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For bathtub, it depending on how rooms are setup.

For shaving joist, it also depends on what load the joist is taking.

Both of this type of condition should be consulted by designer which can coordinate any necessary review/consultant for you.

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It is my belief that as long as there is one tub within the residence for small children to bath then the rest is purely preference.

Shaving the joists.. Nothong I've heard before and as previously stated on the other answer I would be cautious and lead away from that approach.

There are other options where the sub floor is removed and a reinforced shower pan is put in its place. Meaning no unnecessary shaving of floor joists. I have used a brand called Tuff form shower pan for wheelchair accessible showers with great success.

Cheers and good luck with the reno!

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Do the all comparable properties have the bath you are speaking of? Joists are meant to carry load at their regular dimension, no less. Have an engineers stamp on that one!

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Hi Lil,

I would try to look at real options.

Both "Schluter" and " Wedi" offer walk in shower options.

I have attached two links for you

Another way is to only cut the sub-floor and

re-inforce with 2"x 4" where the sub-floor has been removed. This can get you as much as 3/4" plus adding underlay to your existing floor will bring you even closer. Then if you go radiant heat that will bring the floor up higher still.

But, before all that " Don't cut your floor joists"!, as they are engineered that way for a reason.

Next find a "Wedi" or Schluter" certified installer and the rest will be easy.


Wayne Balliet

Project Manager

Builtru Construction

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For resale, yes I strongly suggest you have a bathtub in the master suite.

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