Cost of an addition to second storey split

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Posted by: from Orleans
1/12/2016 at 5:22:58 PM


I have a split level detached home in Orleans, Ontario that was built around 1987. It is a 3 bedroom home that we are considering building an additional bedroom(s) to on the same level as the other two bedrooms (bd2 and bd3 in the attached sketch). The stairs are already there, so hopefully that is not a consideration. If you look at the sketch, it is my assumption that building the addition right to the end of the home makes sense in terms of value (subjective I guess).

I would prefer to have a door to each new room and a window to match the size of existing windows(45 x 53 inches) in the back, but not necessarily the same type (its wood now with aluminum flashing). New room 1 would probably need 2 windows.

Aesthetically, it would be nice to match the hallway already leading to bd3 and bathoom3. A closet in each room and bamboo (or laminate) flooring. I would like to match the color of the siding or the closest color, same for the roof shingles. At this point, it might be worth it to just redo the entire roof shingles.

The size of the addition as I have measured (from inside walls) is about 242 sq. feet.

I am hoping the experts here can chime in and make suggestions, or validate some of my assumptions. I would like to know what an addition like this would end up costing as well as any other considerations you might have in taking on a project like this. The pictures incuded show the hallway, the landing closet area, back of home, front of home.

Thanks in advance.


Cost of an addition to second storey split
Cost of an addition to second storey split
Cost of an addition to second storey split
Cost of an addition to second storey split
Cost of an addition to second storey split
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Date/Time1/12/2016 at 8:15:19 PM

Hi Mark,

A good figure to work with is around 80k this also can go up or down depending on finishes etc poured foundation, or blocked.

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Date/Time1/13/2016 at 5:36:49 PM

Good Evening Mark,

Cost including Design, permits, and construction and subject to the quality of finishes flooring lights etc...would likely run you around $70 to $85 K.

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Date/Time1/13/2016 at 6:18:40 PM

Hi Mark,

Based on the information provided the addition with standard finishes should be in the $50K-$55K range.

Issues that could be of concern would be any limitations set out by the city and the exterior wall construction of the existing area.



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