Is there a national guide on average hours to complete specific jobs like how they have one for the automotive repair trade?

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Posted by: from Concord
3/12/2019 at 6:03:39 PM

I was wondering if there was some sort of national guidelines on the number of man hours to complete repairs for contractors. I get a water heater replacement might take 1-2 hours depending on the location and additional time for pipe and electrical connections but how would I know if the contractor is relatively honest on a trade I'm completely clueless on (ie HVAC guy charging $10K for a 2 ton 150K btu furnace because that's how much it costs). The auto trade has at least some guidelines.

Thanks for the guidance.

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Date/Time3/12/2019 at 7:14:01 PM

In the constitution trade there is no guidelines that I'm aware of for how much time it takes to do a job. Mechanics basically do the same job on different type cars. Changing brakes is changing brakes. Changing a hot water heater can be different in every situation because houses are all different in some way and the un-known is hard to judge.

I would recommend getting a few different people to look at what you need and trust your gut on what you believe to be true

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Date/Time3/12/2019 at 8:34:28 PM

Hi Dan

As a Contractor for 23 years , I have seen a few things. I cannot agree more with what

Pat has said. Unfortunately if we all lived in the exact same houses with the exact same

interior & exterior finishes, then possibly some sort of guild may be able to be drawn up, but unfortunately this will never happen. Get at least 3 written Estimates for the work you want done. If there is one you like , do your research on that Contractor, don't be shy to ask some friends if they know of anyone.

The more ideas and opinions you get the wiser you will be in hiring the right Contractor for you.

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Date/Time3/13/2019 at 12:16:00 AM

Dan, I would suggest that you phone around for specific jobs/projects such as your furnace installation. Costs can vary depending on the brands of material, the degree of difficulty, the number of people involved, distance and other factors. Having several quotes for the same project gives you the opportunity to compare "apples to apples". The over all answer to your question is NO other than trade labour/hour guidelines. Hope this helps.

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Date/Time3/13/2019 at 2:19:28 AM

Hi coste can vary depending on the brands , distance and other factors.(costumer service,clean job ) many new contractors are in market with any office or years experience ,you can hired for your projects more cheaper than other. First you should make sure doing business with right contractor , license,Lability insurance, WSIB and years of experience most important than other things,

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Date/Time4/4/2019 at 12:50:55 AM

Hi Dan,

I sure wish there was such a thing! It would definitely help eliminate some of the shady characters out there that make us good guys look back, and force us to prove our honesty / integrity.

Any work you need for any project, you can start determining your own guidelines. Get enough estimates (I'd recommend five mjn) and you will hopefully start seeing a pattern / average of both time and costs involved. Once that is established, do your due diligence on your top 2 choices and go from there.

Three pieces of advice:

-don't just jump / go to the cheapest

-trust your gut!!! Probably the best guage you have! Common sense goes a long way.

-if you start getting unnerved/ see red flags, be ready to terminate that tradesman services pretty quick! your gut.

Hope this helps to some degree.

Best of luck!

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