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Posted by: from Petawawa
10/26/2016 at 8:15:50 PM

The contractor want to put a lien on our house. The contractor threaten to pull out worker's if she did signed the change form.

The contract was paid in full before adding charges for mistake made on their part. My wife signed the form even if it was over charge we couldn't afford the work undone or any delay. Now the work is mainly done and we are telling them we will not paid until the work is finished.

A part of the work is waiting to be approve to be covered by the government and the company was ask an invoice and all they give was a balance owing. I told them they would not get anymore money until an invoice was sent to government. At the beginning of the work we clearly stated we could afford without the government or would need more time to cover the balance owing.

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Date/Time10/27/2016 at 7:55:23 AM

It sounds like a lot of you said they said. If they gave you a Estimate detailing on the work to be preformed and you signed it and or just agreed to it, this is considered a legal contract based on that written Estimate. Anything agreed to( just verbally ) Not written in that original contract would be considered extra, over and above the Estimate. If Errors/Mistakes occurred during construction, it is usually quite clear somewhere in the original Estimate what exactly was to be done. If the definition in the Estimate in your mind is different then the contractors and by not making everything very clear in the beginning before you signed away any money, unfortunately the onus is on you. 10% deposit is the norm. in the business except ( custom cabinets, custom doors or windows ) and then weekly or bi-weekly progressive payments until the work is complete. A verbal or written understanding that some or all of the money owed will be coming from Insurance or Government, this had to be made clear before the contract was agreed to by all.

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Date/Time10/27/2016 at 8:43:00 AM


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