What to do about a company I'm unhappy with?

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Posted by: from Hanover
6/17/2015 at 12:18:44 PM

I hired a company (a 2 man company locally). Asked for a quote and gave a blueprint to him and asked for a quote. I advised him the most I want to pay. He gave me back a quote and on it it said a price if cash and a price if not (paid by cheque). Gave him a bit more than half and stated the remainder when done.

He did not come for a month then. When the 2 of them did they worked 6 hours and left with less than a 3rd done. Weeks went by and numerous calls then finally showed up the 2 of them and then said after 10 minutes I gotta go, my wife needs a ride, then did not show up for 3 weeks after a few calls and putoffs. They (2) worked for 8 hours. Now the deck is 1/2 finished.

Not to be heard from after numerous calls again. At that point because I was leaving the summer home for the winter. I called and said not sure what is going on, but need the job done - "do I need to get someone else to finish, what are your intentions?" Got a call back yelling at me and advising me that he has another bill for me and if I do not pay that he is tearing the deck apart and taking his stuff.

I called the police and ended up issuing a no trespass. The next day one shows up and starts taking stuff away - I immediately called the police and they came. They said they could take the unfinished goods. Anyway, now summer is here again and I get another bill threatening court and collections on the remaining less than half not paid for plus the additional money that was not on the deal.

Need advise on what to do. I am a retiree and he is a as it turns out, a man who a year ago had 2 warrants out for his arrest and a known cocaine user. Do I have to hire a lawyer? On a pension will be difficult. Or is there an easy answer, like just ignore him and let him take me to court? He will not win.

Thank you.

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Date/Time6/17/2015 at 1:25:12 PM

Hi there,

I'm sorry for what you're going through, I'm a contractor and I hear this all the time, people like that give good contractors a bad name.

What I would do is take them to court for not completing your project. You have every right to as a paying customer. I would sue them for every penny that you gave them and also sue them for the cost to get a new contractor to complete your project, plus all your lawyer fees.

Good luck!!

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Date/Time6/17/2015 at 3:45:39 PM


That is a tough one. First, let me say that if his quote was a quote, not an estimate, he (they) should honour the contract. Having said that, if he put a cash price and a second for a cheque price, that tells me that the cash price goes unrecorded and you might suggest Revenue Canada may be interested in what he is filing for taxes. This may also prompt some action.

What ever amount you gave "up front" should be primarily for material costs and if he (they) are taking it back, that constitutes theft. It is a touchy matter and as not all the facts are given, you might ask legal aid (usually free) to assist.

Next time, if money is requested up front, find another contractor. I only charge for time already done and any advance would be for material purchases (with receipts).

Sorry to hear about your situation.

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Date/Time6/17/2015 at 6:10:56 PM

Call his bluff. Tell him to take you to court. Once the judge hears your side im quite sure he will see through the scam. If he does summons you to court counter claim your time and an amount for stress and suffering and bring the police report of your incident. The guys a fly bye night wanabee contractor and a bully. Next time he calls yelling and threatening press star 57 that gets bell to trace the call, then call the police. there is no room in this business for scammers and bullies. I can't believe the cops let them come on the property with a trespass order. There are places you can receive free legal advise on this situation. If a contractor you have never done business with before offers a cash price you should find someone else.

I hope you have learned a lesson from this. in the mean time hire another contractor to finish the job and enjoy using your deck. life goes on and its too short to be wasting time worring about someone whos not worth it. It's plain to see you never hired them from trusted pros as contractors on here are honest people. Stand your ground and refuse to be bullied.

Al Bartlett

A Bartlett Construction LTD

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Diana in Hanover
Date/Time6/21/2015 at 2:00:34 AM

Thank you to all who responded to my need for help on this very stressful situation.

Thinking a lawyer is needed and of course the police report and mention of tax evasion. Sad really when all I wanted was a deck.

Thanks again,


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