What to do when work is substandard but contractor tells me it's ok?

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Posted by: from Richmond
8/21/2014 at 1:55:04 PM

I advertised the project through Trusted Pros and had 8 contractors bid on the job. I did not accept the lowest bid - I thought that the one I selected had the ability to do the job. Unfortunately, this was an incorrect assumption.

So far, I have had to buy most of the supplies/fixtures for the job, which were supposed to be supplied however, apparently that was just in the contract, and not really necessary to actually do. The tile in both the kitchen and bathroom had to be removed and replaced because it was installed incorrectly, issues with plumbing etc. However, the worst part is the contractor himself came in to "finish" the work and left it a mess (57 photos later).

I cannot seem to get the contractor to understand that I am not the person who needs to monitor the trades and inspect their work. Apparently it is not necessary for the baseboard to meet the door trim! Also, news to me, according to the contractor the Builder's Lien Act does not apply to them.

Now what do I do?

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Date/Time8/21/2014 at 4:12:08 PM

It would seem that quality assured is not in this particular contractors business model. Paying for your own materials is not something you should be doing either. I would hope that payment on completion of work is what was specified in the contract, if so refuse to pay until the job meets your requirements. If you have payed keep bugging him with your issues until he responds with a result that is satisfactory to you.


Redbear Contracting

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Date/Time8/21/2014 at 4:15:29 PM


unfortunately this is one situation that you should have put end to it earlier. The purpose of hiring a general contractor is to handle the project for you and make the arrangements and most of the running for the project. The finishing material such as fixtures should have been your responsibility because this needs to be to your taste and budget.

Now If you wish to get back the damages, you can take legal actions with a proper inspection of what has been done before you hire any other contractor. That being said if you current contractor does not have any assets, you will spend money for nothing because you will lose even more and there will be no money to force out. Its is a loss and if there is any way getting some money back to repair the damages, in good terms, would be your best bet and start new with a reputable contractor with more reviews and better rating.

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Date/Time8/21/2014 at 4:58:22 PM

This seems to be happening quite often in this industry. Another way you can go is to have an inspection of the new construction if there are concerns. This will help you for legal disputes and I would recommend this for all construction.

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Mark from CMJ Renovations in Oakville
Date/Time8/23/2014 at 1:54:12 PM

Hi Heather,

There are many things that may look undone or not finished during a project but will get done at a later date as it another trade may need to do something before that particular item is crossed of the list.

In regards to you buying material that is ok if it is coming of the price i.e. it may say in your contract a 1pc toilet from American standard at $228.00 and you and go buy one on special for xxxx number of dollars that price comes of the total, you need to immediately ask for a spread sheet outlining materials and labour you also need to ask the trades in your house if the contractor has been paying them.

The other thing I would do is hire another contractor to come in and go over your contract and walk through with you want your issues are, document what he says is unacceptacle and e-mail the contractor your findings and state in your e-mail please respond in an e-mail how you plan to address these, if he hired the guys it is his job to have them fix it not yours.

Good luck and please keep us updated.



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