Upgrade a shower stall in the basement into 4pc bathroom

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Posted by: from Windsor
6/22/2012 at 7:18:16 PM

I am moving into a house whose basement has only a shower stall and would like to upgrade it into a full (4pc) bathroom. I am wondering how much it would cost and how difficult it would be.

I have read about to install a toilet, we need to break the concrete floor to get a whatchamacallit (hole, tank, something) installed. Then I found something called up-flush system (Saniflow system).

Which one is a better option in cost and usage?

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Costel from Stone Trend in Mississauga
Date/Time6/22/2012 at 11:10:15 PM

Hi there Sarah,

This is a job were you should hire a professional to do it, not bank on internet advice.

After the plumbing and electrical work is done properly you will need to have it checked by inspectors before you close any walls and floors.

After the aforementioned inspections you can finish your bathroom.

Also the inspections report will be useful to you when you will insure your newly purchased home.


Stone Trend

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Robert from Robert Graul in Montreal
Date/Time6/23/2012 at 12:13:31 AM

Hello Sarah,

Best to leave a bathroom-reno in the basement to a local, reliable tradesman. The cost would be be roughly $6000- $8000 depending on the choice of materials used.

Best of luck on your project.


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Date/Time7/11/2012 at 4:58:33 PM


In all cases the Contractor is fully aware of the products needed for your project and the scheduling of those products to be onsite. NOTE: The homeowner is charged a "downtime fee" should the product not be onsite and ontime if the client is responsible for supplying the product.

If you are provided with a quote that is "vague" I would suggest you purchase your own product due to the fact that you never know what product the Contractor will be using. The "unclear" notes in the quote will usually spell "Additional Charges" upon your final invoice.


The ultimate goal for any homeowner is to know exactly what products are going into your renovation at all times so as there are no surprises - additional product, materials and labor included! Take into account however that you and the Contractor may be confronted with issues unforseen such as behind walls, under floors, etc. When this happens request that all issues be communicated upfront and with a final confirmation of continuance from you, the client, prior to any addtional costs incurred.

Educate yourself and ask questions ... if your Contractor is honest and has integrity the answers you receive will be detailed and will make sense! If not, you may be paying more in the end than what originally quoted to you!

NOTE: Quotes are actual amounts and are realistic budgets. Estimates are "vague" and usually mean more money in the end!

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