Main support beam for floor support (Canada code)

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Posted by: from Edmonton
1/9/2012 at 7:11:35 PM

So I noticed that there is a sag in my floor between my living room and dining room. With tearing down the bulk head, I found the 2 main supports that run in the middle of my basement has been notched out, and will need to be replaced. The big problem is that they run horizontally (laying down), and not vertically (standing upright). They are on the telaposts that way, so they must have been like that since 1975. I'm sure that this is not the right way to do this, but thats old code.

So my problem is, for a span of 12 to 14 feet how many and, what size main support beams do I need to repair the problem, to bring it up to code, and also make my house safe? I will be able to do it myself but I just need to find out the info to do it right.

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Date/Time1/9/2012 at 8:12:09 PM

Hi Jamie:

Whatever the code of 1975, I am sure that they never had a support on the flat that would be acceptable.

A support beam for the floor joists for that span is a triple 2 x 10. Nail every six inches the first two, then when applying the third, it must be nailed the same way.

I would get an on site opinion of what is required to be done. A qualified person will know the proper way to install the beam. Also, he will be aware if there are any other problems in the structure. Don't get the handyman down the street. Get someone who is qualified and knows your building codes. You may have more problems than you are anticipating.


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Pat in Calgary
Date/Time5/19/2012 at 10:29:35 AM

Hi Jamie:

To me it sounds like a load bearing wall was removed to give your house a more "open concept" feel.

Who ever did that also rotated and notch out the support beam to increase the head room.

When you have the new beam installed you will loose more head room especially if you have to use a 2X12 beam or greater to be able to carry the load above.

What ever you do make sure all loads above are supported properly and transferred properly to the supports and foundation below.


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