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Posted by: from Pefferlaw
8/1/2012 at 12:08:13 PM

In the range of what pricing should I expect to be charged for a poured concrete pad and stairs to the front entrance of my house?

Pad will be roughly 10ft. x 13ft. standard 4" thick, with 5 steps about 8ft. long.


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Date/Time8/1/2012 at 1:13:56 PM

Hi Pat:

It will probably be two days to frame with you supplying the materials as requested. Normal rate for someone QUALIFIED to build steps is approx $300 per day. There would also be a third day of pouring and finishing. The concrete supplier will send someone out if you request it to estimate the amount of concrete required and therefore you do not get charged for too much or for a second trip if the estimate is too little. Concrete around the 24 to 28 mpa with fibreglass reinforcement costs us in the range of $180 per cubic metre. You will probably need about 3 to 4 metres.

The materials that you would need should be estimated by whomever is framing. The cost of leveling the pad if required also has to be taken into affect. Also, if the ground requires tamping then this would also be extra cost.

It is hard to give an exact estimate for this type of job. Most consumers do not realize how much work is involved in what they would assume to be a simple job. If a job is to be done right (the only way) then it is going to cost a bit more, but will last that much more.

When asking for and getting estimates, get referrals. Your local building yard can most likely help you with that. There are lots of people who are good with stairs, and then there are just as many that aren't.

Good luck with your steps.


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Pat in Pefferlaw
Date/Time8/3/2012 at 7:54:25 AM

Hello Chuck,

Greately appreciate your responce. I've made allowance for at least 5 days for my project, because I do want it *Done Right*. I've been waiting for a few years now for an entrance to my home, and can't seem to find any one to do it. Worst thing is, its never had an entrance/access to my front door since my construction disasters from nightmare contractors. Have spoken to lots of possibilities, with no shows to view the job.

From experience, I've learnt that if I've spoken to some one with respect to doing a project for me, and they promise to come out and look at it and never show, not to pursue that person. No matter how urgently I need to find someone. If they're unreliable to vew the project, I immagine the kind to job I would have gotten from them. I've got a good handle on what needs to be done, unfortunately it is out of my capabilities and tallents. Especially with what I want.

Thanks for your insights, I'll take it with me on my journey to find some one experienced and professional.



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