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What's involved in a wood flooring project?

Wood flooring projects range from refinishing, to spot replacement, to full installation.

Solid hardwood flooring can be between 3/4" to 5/16" thick, and it can refinished several times. Engineered wood is manufactured layers (between three and nine) of wood veneers. It expands and contracts less from humidity and temperature changes in comparison to hardwood. Engineered wood can be refinished a limited number of times.

How much does the project cost?

Solid wood flooring is very expensive. The product is double the price of laminate flooring, and installation can be 50% more expensive. Engineered wood flooring is more affordable than its solid wood counterpart.

Homeowners should note that not all subfloor materials work with every wood product. A contractor may have to replace your subfloor, which will add to project costs (roughly 3.60/ ft2). Price estimates are as follows:

  • Labour costs for installation on average (prices depend on product thickness, density, and quality. Does not include underlay): $3 - $10/ft2
  • Costs of baseboard installation: $1.10 - $3.00/linear foot
  • Cost of hardwood: $2 - $13+/ft2
  • Refinishing hardwood: $1 - $3/ft2
  • Cost of engineered wood: $2.50 - $10/ ft2
  • Existing floor removal: depends on floor material

*add 10% to the room area before creating a rough price estimate. This will account for extra planks needed, which will be required in the installation process.

Hardwood floors can be expensive, but that doesn't mean that you should blow your whole budget on the project. Make sure to set aside an additional 10 – 20% as a contingency fund, just in case.

Is this a DIY project?

We highly recommend you to hire an expert for this job. Wood flooring needs to be accurately measured. Door height, baseboards, quarter-rounds, trim, and floor edgings must be taken into consideration to ensure a perfect fit. If the floor is installed incorrectly the wood may warp, bend, and lift—and that's an expensive mistake to fix.

Additional tips

It's highly advised to avoid any wood products below $4.00 to purchase a quality, durable, and long-lasting product. More expensive products are sourced from sustainable forests. Low quality products that are made in Asia may contain high levels of formaldehyde, which is dangerous to your health.


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