If you have an existing home you would like to brighten up you have several alternatives to increase the natural light. A great place to put a skylight is in the bathroom where there is limited wall space and limited potential for windows. A skylight in the bathroom will bring in a great deal more natural light.

Kitchens are another great room in the home for a skylight to be put in. A series of small skylights not only brightens the room but makes for a unique architectural feature as well. Living rooms or great rooms are also great places for natural light.

A skylight can either be stationary or operable. For instance, there are skylights that are flat or dome-shaped providing illumination only. The operable skylights provide ventilation, opening manually, with a switch on the wall, remote control or through a high-tech automatic temperature sensor. Having a ventilating skylight is a great idea because it can let out hot air but not the cold air if the air conditioner is on because cold air stays near the ground level.

Modern skylights coming with low-e and tinted coatings to allow for greater control of heat transmission and UV radiation, along with being rated the same way as windows. Some other options for skylights include shades or blinds, and screens for those that open.

A different kind of skylight for spaces that are too small for a full-sized skylight is a tubular skylight. Being just 10 to 18 inches in diameter, a tubular skylight provides a lot of light in a small are and tubular skylights are fairly inexpensive to have installed.

Improve the Lighting in Your Home and Cut Down Your Bills

Skylights are a great feature to add to your home and by allowing more natural sunlight in they can help to reduce your energy bills. This light can also be controlled using skylight blinds to control when the additional light comes in.

One of the main advantages for installing skylights is that they can make a great difference when it comes to improving the lighting in a home. This reduces the need for artificial light, especially during the day, as natural sunlight is led through the windows and lights up the room.

If you are looking for ways to save money on your home then skylights may also help here by reducing the amount of electricity that you use. They minimize your need for artificial light during the day but can also help reduce your need for electricity during peak hours through the use of photocontrols.

Another way that skylights can help reduce your costs is by reducing the need for heating and cooling systems. This is not only beneficial financially but also for helping to protect the environment.

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