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What should I expect from a waterproofing project?

Waterproofing projects usually touch on crawlspaces, attics, and basements. However, a waterproofing expert can also fix leaking plumbing. You may need to hire a waterproofing expert if your home has grade and footer drain problems; if there are cracks in the foundation; or if the foundation or home exterior is not sealed properly.

The waterproofing expert will provide different solutions based on the issue at hand. They may be able to solve home leaks by cleaning out your weeping tile drainage system with a power washer, for example. But, if the problem is serious, they may have to dig out your home foundation and follow through with various waterproofing techniques to seal your home foundation and slab.

How much does waterproofing cost?

Waterproofing project costs vary based on tasks. Quick fixes, such as a crack patch, will cost less than a full-blown waterproofing procedure. A waterproofing project can gather added costs quickly, especially if the contractor needs to remove landscaping, patio, hot water tank, air conditioning, or fence features to access the basement of the home. Waterproofing project costs area as follows:

  • Interior crack injections: anywhere from $150 - $700+ per crack, depending on size, location, materials used, and crack severity
  • Exterior crack injections: from $400 - $1400+ per crack, depending on size, location, materials used, and crack severity
  • Excavation and foundation waterproofing: $100 - $250 per linear foot
  • Sump pump installation: around $1,000+
  • Basement waterproofing project: can range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars depending on the project scope. Large projects can cost about $50,000.

Can I DIY a waterproofing project?

Major waterproofing jobs should be handled by an expert. However, small tasks around the house, such as caulking replacements, can be taken care of by a handy DIYer.

Run a DIY dampness test to see if your home has any moisture issues. Tape a large piece of tin foil to the wall (such as over an area of peeling paint), and seal all edges well. Take a look 48 hours later.  If the outside is damp, then the moisture is likely coming from inside the home. If the inside of the foil is damp, then it may mean that the moisture is coming from the outside.

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