Window Cleaning

Professionals have the equipment and product knowledge to make sure your windows are cleaned properly to create a superior look. This will assure a maximum amount of light that will be able to come through the windows, along with portraying a clean, flawless image.

  • There is more to window cleaning than just wiping the dirt off the glass. The screens need to be cleaned and dusted to remove all dirt and debris that easily builds up over time. The window tracks accumulate all sorts of debris when the window is open and the track is exposed. Most homeowners or commercial building owners don't have the time or knowhow of how to clean these hard to reach places. Experienced professionals have the skills and tools to clean all the nooks and crannies.
  • Professional window cleaners have all the tools and equipment needed in creating satisfactory results. Squeegees, buckets, ladders, scrapers, a reliable strong cleaning product, and towels are just some of the most common equipment items needed. When purchasing for personal use, these items can become costly.
  • As a porous surface, glass is known to absorb different types of substances, such as acid rain or pollutants. For this reason, it is important to have your windows cleaned on a regular basis by a professional. This will help reduce the amount of degradation on the glass.

As you can see, there are many reasons why hiring a professional window cleaner would be beneficial. 

TrustedPros is here to make finding a trustworthy and reliable window cleaner quick and easy. You can either post an ad that describes the window project you have and let the contractors offer you competitive bids, or you can look through the profiles of different contractors and select the one you think best fits your needs. Make sure you find someone who fits in your time frame, your budget, and has good reviews from others that have hired him/her.

Also, it is important to make sure the contractor you have chosen to work for you has liability coverage. This coverage will protect you from having to pay for any property damage that happens to or on your property, like a ladder slipping and falling through that large picture window. Ask the contractor if you can see a proof of coverage before hiring. This will assure you won't have to waste money on an event that could have easily been prevented.

It is also imperative that a window cleaning crew be covered by WSIB insurance, now a mandatory requirement. This protects you should someone become hurt while at your residence or business. It pays the medical bills and lost wages, which could be substantial and your expense without this coverage. For more information on how this law affects you, click here.

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