First Steps When Formulating a Home Renovation Plan

Home renovation plan

To ensure your home renovation plan goes off without a hitch, there are several things you must do. This is true whether yours is a DIY remodeling project, or a more complicated project requiring the expertise of a home renovation contractor or other renovation expert.

First Things First; Decide “Why” You Want to Renovate Your Home

Your first step in planning for your home renovation is to decide exactly “why” you want to make alterations to your home. For instance, is your bathroom renovation project to increase floor space or update fixtures? Is your basement remodel for the purposes of finishing off the walls and adding new flooring, or to provide a work area or increase storage space?

Some homeowners decide to renovate their home to increase its real estate market value in preparation of putting it up for sale. If this is your reason for planning a home renovation, it would be prudent to consider what type old home renovation would benefit you most.

In regards to Canadian home improvement remodeling, research shows that a kitchen remodeling renovation can significantly increase the real estate value of a home, and ranks a higher investment return for homeowners than many other types of home remodeling. Replacing worn shingles ranks second.

Other types of home remodeling improvements with high investment returns include bathroom home remodeling, new windows, and new flooring. Of course remodel cost, quality, and design plays a key role. This is one reason why homeowners opt for the services of a remodeling contractor or other home remodeling specialist for best possible results. remains your best resource for finding the right house remodeling contractor in your area. Home renovation Calgary homeowners, for instance can post their project needs online; service provider members in your area with the expertise required to do the job right will bid competitively on your project. Whether you live in Manitoba, Quebec, Toronto, or Nova Scotia; posting your project online at doesn't cost a cent and is totally obligation free!

Check Your Local Building Code

Before formulating your home renovation plan, familiarize yourself with the Canada building code. In addition to building codes on a national level, providences may have unique codes of their own.

The Alberta building code, for instance, may or may not differ from the Vancouver or Ontario building code. So, regardless of where you live in Canada, check your local building code. If your home remodeling design will be handicap friendly, also check the universal building code.

Home Renovation Cost

Another important consideration before formulating your home renovation plan is remodel cost. Your budget will greatly determine how extensive the project can be, and whether or not your plan is a feasible renovation option.

If limited funds are a problem, check online for information concerning Canadian government home renovation grants; you may discover you qualify for one.

Also, check the possibilities of qualifying for a renovation rebate. For instance, British Columbia's BC Hydro power provider has a Windows Rebate Program. This program rewards homeowners who upgrade their windows and new home construction contractors who select Energy Star® labeled windows.

In Canada, grant rebates are available for installing natural gas Energy Star® heating systems. Everything from high-efficiency heating systems and water heater to a natural gas laundry dryer or natural gas fireplace. Check for other renovation rebate opportunities online.

Other Ways to Cut Home Renovation Cost

Another way to cut on renovation cost is to do some of the less difficult aspects of the home renovation project yourself.

Acquire free home remodeling plans and ideas from a variety of resources, including home remodeling supply centers and open houses. Free home renovation software can help to design your new home floor plan. And a free home remodeling resource such as offers helpful articles with a wealth of tips and ideas for planning project success.

Once your plans are detailed, check back with the department of building and safety and have an assessor check everything over to make sure your plans are up to code. Then post your project online at, and you are well on your way to watching your home renovation plan take shape, and become a reality!

To locate a reliable home renovation contractor, post your project online for free and receive bids from professionals in your area.

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