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Fire and water damage
Fire and Water Damage Restoration - Tricky Business

Why wait until disaster strikes to educate yourself about safety steps you should take. And what professional restoration efforts are required to effectively take care of the crisis, to avoid health-threatening problems from developing.

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Basement flood
How to drain a Flooded Basement

A flooded basement can be one of most dangerous things that can happen to a house. This article details the precautions a homeowner must take before entering a basement. The steps are also detailed in safely removing water.

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Home renovation
10 Top Canadian Home Improvement Trends in 2010

Home improvement trends for 2010 point toward homeowners staying in their homes for longer. This means they like their location and want to do light renovations in order to stay there. This could mean replacing siding or a front entryway, or increasing the energy-efficiency of the home. Increasing the space can be accomplished by adding a deck or renovating the basement. In Canada many grants and rebates are being offered for new windows and solar-assist systems for hot water.

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