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[Infographic] 28 Stats that you need to know about Home Renovations

TrustedPros mined and analyzed our data from 2016 to deliver 30 statistics on renovation trends from last year. Over 2 million users' search behaviour and project inquiries have informed us about nation-wide trends on home improvements, contractor expectations, and budget numbers.

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Top 10 Home Renovations in Canada for 2016

We pooled one years' worth of data from over 2 million users to tell you which home improvement projects ranked on top for 2016. Find out the top ten home improvement projects nation-wide and for each province. We've included information on how much money Canadians were willing to spend on each project as well.

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7 Unique Home Decor Gifts for 2016

If you're tired of the same gift lists from year to year then look no further. We've scoured design catalogs and artisan craft hubs to bring you a fantastic and original gift list for 2016. This list is geared towards those who love home d cor items (especially Canadian-inspired items!). We've hit every price point to make gift-giving easy this holiday season.

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6 Things you didn't know about paying your contractor in cash: Contractors spill and tell us why paying for home improvements under the table is all wrong

The contracting industry is widely funded by under-the-table transactions. Homeowners who submit to 'cash only' transaction agreements may think that they are getting a deal. However, the reality is that under-the-table transactions do more harm that good--for homeowners and contractors alike. Cash only deals bring on a slew of problems for both parties including scams, economic insecurity, audits, and warranty complications, among other things. Contactors across the country agree that cash transactions completed to forgo taxes can only be prevented by homeowners.

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Fraud contractors are one step ahead of you - and this is how to outsmart them.

It's always a shock to hear about vulnerable homeowners who get scammed by contractors they thought they could trust. The truth of the matter is that these stories tend to follow the same patterns time and time again. TrustedPros is back with more advice for homeowners to avoid getting scammed. We cover common vulnerable targets such as high-demand markets, senior citizens, poor payment plans, and industry awareness.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Care about Licensing, Permits, and Trade Qualifications

Homeowners are often encouraged to find contractors who are qualified, licensed, permit holders. But are homeowners aware of the problems that can arise when they hire a contractor who doesn't fit the bill? Three different examples in this article help illustrate clear problems with hiring uncertified experts'. Although it may be cheaper to hire contractors who aren't totally legitimate, the harm that they could cause might be exponential.

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Four Compulsory Contractor Requirements that Consumers Need to Know About

Consumers may be led to believe that a certified professional is an expert at the job. However, this isn't necessarily true. Instead, consumers ought to know that certified professionals are more legitimate and legal than anything else. Nevertheless, the four qualifying certifications and requirements that help legitimize contractors and projects in Canada are often overlooked, misunderstood, or forgotten. This article helps clear up some confusion. It identifies the importance and tension around trade qualifications, licensing, permits, and Workers' Compensation Insurance.

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Paying with Cash, and Dealing with Fraud Businesses

There are drawbacks when you choose to pay in cash. This article examines the drawbacks of cash deals in the contracting world. Some consumers have a hard and fast rule about strictly cash business: don't do it. Some consumers are happy to pay cash. Some consumers prefer to combine payment methods. This article discusses how to tell your contractor is running an illegal business. Inside are tips on how to identify legal and illegal cash deals via national legal business operating standards and tips from our trusted contractor community. Learn how to avoid fraud businesses and scams before you get on the bad side of one.

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20 Smart Home Technologies from the Consumer Electronics Show 2016

Homes can lose their luster quickly because styles and technology changes often. Luckily, we can keep our homes up to date by outfitting them with new items on the market. New technology can help improve your old furnace's energy efficiency, and help save you money. Smart fridges can gear down on energy consumption through an app on your smartphone. New fans look beautiful and operate with your presence in the room. The Consumer Electronic Show teaches us that home improvements can be done on a smaller budget using technology, and still have great results. Today we're talking about how technology can improve our homes in more ways than 'cool!'. Technology can add real benefit and aesthetic to our homes. Stay tuned for more!

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Radon Gas is Deadly and it May be Lurking in Your Home

The radioactive element uranium is turning up in our homes as radon gas. Seeping in through cracks in house structure that have contact with soil, radon accumulates in low-lying rooms. While radon is odorless, tasteless, and colourless, it remains the second leading cause of lung cancer in Canada, behind smoking. On average, it kills 3,000 Canadians a year. This article discusses how to control radon gas if it is accumulating in the home. Other topics include information about radon gas and its affects on our health. Protect your home and your family, don't be a victim of radon gas.

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The Benefits of Child-Proofing Extend Beyond your Little Ones

Welcoming a newborn or child into your home is an exciting and invigorating experience. So exciting, that it's easy to forget potential risks within your home that are safety hazards for children. TrustedPros is here to help you with child-proof ideas within the home. We cover windows, locks, water, lights, electrical hazards, and doors, among other things. We see an added advantaged to child-proofing; namely, energy savings, family safety, and even reducing toxicity.Learn about the specifics to making your home a safer environment inside!

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The 'Empowered Homeowner'

The barriers that previously limited a homeowner's ability to access information, ideas, and find talent are no more! Mobile technologies such as Internet-based apps, software, and social networks have helped to educate the homeowner online and instill a new confidence and desire to not only be informed, but to also be more involved.

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Bell Fined $1.25-Million for Fake Reviews

The Competition Bureau set a precedence this week by fining BCE Inc. $1.25 million, after it was revealed that employees within the company were leaving fraudulent reviews for 'MyBellMobile' and other applications found in the Apple AppStore.

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Up to 47% of Contractors may be Using Fake Reviews, Study Reveals

A study based on 10 years of reviews indicates up to 47% of home service contractors in some work categories may be using fake online reviews to attract homeowners. The startling revelation comes at a time when home improvement disputes and problems continue to dominate the consumer complaints received in Canada.

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Online Reviews
Why Your Business Needs Quality Online Reviews

In today's competitive marketplace, the importance of having good online reviews has become clearer than ever before. The reality of the information age is that individuals no longer turn to the yellow pages to find businesses. Instead, internet users pull up one of the major search providers and do a local search for businesses. With such a strong internet search presence for services, the importance of online reviews becomes quickly apparent.

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The Importance of Renovation Permits

The internet is ripe with advice on do it yourself home improvement projects. These projects are not only fulfilling, but they also can help you to save a considerable amount of money when looking to improve upon any part of your home. Before starting on any new project though, it is important to remember that some of these projects will require you to obtain a renovation permit, even if you are doing the work yourself.

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Truth and Fiction about Selling your Home

Selling a house can be a long and arduous process, sometimes taking years for the house to sell. There are many steps you must take in order to ensure that your house sells in the quickest way and you get the most for your money. The last thing any home owner wants to do is continually have to lower their asking price because they do not follow simple rules to expedite the sales process. Here are some truths and fictions about the selling process and how you can best maximize your home sale value and move out as quickly as possible.

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DIY Painting
Fact and Fiction: DIY Projects You Can Really Do Yourself

There are many misconceptions floating around about DIY (do it yourself) projects. Most of the time, these types of projects take much less money than hiring a professional, but in some cases, they simply are not worth your time. Here are some interesting facts and fictions commonly associated with these types of projects.

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Fact or Fiction
Fact and Fiction: Energy Conservation

In today's world, energy conservation has become a concern of the masses, the reality of wasted resources and the impact man can have on the earth becoming unavoidably obvious.The question is: which stories about energy conservation are fact, and which are fiction?

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Fine for Fake Reviews
Heavy Fines for Fraudulent Reviews

No matter how you snip or slice it, fraudulent online reviews not only result in wasted time and money, but may leave those affected with psychological scars that make routine buying or hiring a burden. The financial and emotional effect may be felt most deeply by homeowners who have fallen prey to contractors who publish deceptive online reviews.

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