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The Best Holiday Home Improvement Gifts for 2016

Gift cards can be great for anyone who is looking to renovate their home. However, they can be a bit impersonal, and they are usually limited to big-box stores. Get your loved one something to improve their home from a small retailer or artist this holiday season. Find unique and creative options to give your friends and family's homes a facelift in our 2016 holiday gift list.

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Family together in living room
Nifty Ideas for Your Family Room

Family rooms are diverse areas. Often the center of your home and the place most frequented by all family members and guests, family rooms are important to keep up. You do a lot in your family room! They are used for relaxing, watching television, playing games, reading, eating, and entertaining. And just as diverse as the rooms are themselves are the options you have to work with! Take a look at these ideas and reminders when decorating.

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Woman Relaxing Reading a Book
Worried Woes Can Be Wallowed Away with a Woman Cave

As every woman knows life can be stressful without downtime. You've got enough on your plate with kids, work, and keeping up on the house. Don't brush 'me' time under the carpet. You've worked hard, now it's time to play hard. We've all heard of 'mancaves', places where men can run to unwind and have fun in times of strife. Women need a place to put their feet up as well.

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An Insomniacs Paradise

Have trouble sleeping? Find yourself feeling uncomfortable in your bed and don't know why? Think there might be something missing from your bedroom to make it complete? You're not alone! Insomnia is a common sleep disorder that plagues tens of millions of North American adults.

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Creating The Home Office You've Always Wanted AND Needed

Whether you live in a multi-level house with rooms to choose from or you live in an efficiency apartment with limited space, there are plenty of ways to create an efficient, inspiring, and trendy home office. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

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Small Dining and Living Room Decorating
Making Small Spaces Look Bigger

Just because a room in your home may be small, doesn't mean it has to look and feel that way. A few simple tricks can make even the smallest rooms seem spacious.

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Interior decorating
New Trends in Interior Decorating and Design

This article will give you some ideas to get the creative side of your mind working. We'll review some of the hottest trends, as well as modified ways to indulge in luxury design on a budget. In addition, we'll give you some tips for finding the best decorators and designers in your local area.

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Interior decorating
Home Interior Decorating on a Budget

Helpful interior decorating techniques that even persons on a limited budget can utilize to improve interior home design. Create a fresh new look for your home without overspending.

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Home staging
Sell Your Home Fast - Home Staging Tips and Strategies

Home staging services. A cost-effective approach to preparing a house for sale, with a high success rate for faster sales at top dollar; and huge returns on the investment to boot.

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Interior decorating
Home Interior Decorating Tips - Get More for Less

Home interior decorating is a great way to improve the overall appearance of your home. But, it can be costly. By using recyclable wood and other re-usable materials in the scheme of your design, you can enhance the character of your home and save big bucks.

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Creating a Designer Nursery. One That Grows With Your Child!

Expecting a new baby, whether the first or the third, is one of the most exciting moments in any couple's life. And creating the perfect designer nursery is every woman's dream. What's currently vogue in nursery room design, and what are your best nursery furnishing choices.

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Interior design
Today's Trend in Interior Design can Compliment your Home

Today's interior designers look at interior design trends that leans more toward the natural, with clean, open lines. Discover how to use present day decorating techniques to your advantage.

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Kitchen lighting
Kitchen Lighting 101

A new kitchen isn't complete without the proper lighting resources. Use this guide to help you design the ultimate lighting plan for your kitchen.

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Home lighting
Home Lighting Basics

Before you buy a single lighting fixture for your home, it's a good idea to understand the basics of lighting. Use this guide to understand what ambient, task, natural, accent, and aesthetic lighting really means.

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DIY storage
Organize Your Home with DIY Storage Solutions

When it comes to home storage solutions there are plenty of small projects you can take on yourself. From installing more shelving and workspace in the kitchen, to hanging old kitchen cabinets in the garage and installing closet organizers in the bedrooms, your handiwork can help your home become better organized.

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