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How to Design a Low Maintenance Pathway With Affordable Paving

Designing a low maintenance pathway is simple with your choice of paving stones, a well thought out plan and adequate preparation. Whether you hire a contractor or DIY, paving stones provide the ideal way to create a safe, attractive and worry-free pathway in your yard.

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Concrete and paving stones
Deciding Between Poured Concrete and Paving Stones on Your Driveway

Paving the driveway increases your home's curb appeal while making the surface much safer than a gravel alternative. Two of the top options on the market include paving stones and poured concrete. Concrete is considered to be the more affordable option, but have you considered charming paving stones? We discuss what the difference between both materials are to help you decide what is better for your home. Always invest in a professional. They will be able to showcase the material and create a driveway that will shine through the seasons to come!

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