Useful tips and cost saving advice to help you with your wallpapering project.

Paint and wallpaper
The War of the Walls

Walls, they're everywhere. We walk and drive past them. We live in between them. We hang pictures and sentimental trinkets on them, and we dress them up with seasonal lights and decorations. The appearance of your walls says a lot about you. In fact, one of the first things new homeowners often do is rip off wallpaper, slather on paint.

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Wallpaper Yesterday and Today - Common Problems and Solutions

Information on the history and new innovations in wallpaper. Included are common problems with wallpaper preparation and installation, as well as cures.

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Home Improvement Tips to Increase the Market Value of your Home - Part 2

There are lots of ways to improve your home and increase available living space, usability, appearance, and market value of your home. Without spending an arm and a leg.

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Wood paneling
DIY Installation Tips for Wood Paneling

A basic guide to installing wood paneling in your home, this covers tips and tricks to a smooth and attractive finish.

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